Saturday, 22 January 2011

All these pictures are lopsided

Here's my winter mantle. Never mind the fact that I don't have a fireplace. The pinecones and tree branches were gathered from the ground - no trees were harmed. I baked the pinecones on a low temp for about an hour to kill any critters. Then I used them in my Christmas decorating. I did the plate myself. The motorcycle used to sit on Deaglan's dresser - I found it for $3.00 at Sea Jewels on their clearance table. I love it.

I did these plates too. I found a tutorial online and it cost me about $5.00 total. If you look too closeup you'll see that I need to invest in an exacto knife. But I think they turned out. This mirror in our front foyer was aching for something.

I think it's my photography skills, not the wall that's lopsided. That's a sketch of Deaglan, done by Shaune's sister Katie. Deaglan was about seven months at the time. I stole one of his hotwheels and hotgluegunned (that's right, I made that word up) it to a frame. I also took the last page of the torn copy of Guess How Much I Love You (we have a not torn copy too) and framed it. It says Then he layed down close by and whispered with a smile "I love you right up to the moon - and back." We've read this book so often that Deaglan can almost recite it.
I'm not above printing out a silhouette and slapping a frame around it either. On the left is a picture of Shaune and me at a friend's wedding in 1998. I won't mention who - they're no longer together. On the right is a self portrait we took on vacation in Miller Lake when I was newly pregnant with Deaglan.
I guess you can tell that I have a bit of a love for birds lately. The bird lady. And branches and pinecones. I found this flour jar at Pier1 for $3.00.
And these for $1.95 each. I got six but I should have grabbed all they had. I just LOVE them.

Maternity leave gives you a lot of time to look at your walls. And feel bored with what's up there. So I've been making changes. It helps to have an easy going husband whose only rule is to stay away from remodelling his kitchen. No problem. I try to stay out of there anyway.
Sorry about the Christmas picture. But I forgot about this one and my heart skipped a beat when I was looking through our picture file and stumbled on it. I just love this guy. Can you even stand how cute he is in that vest?


  1. He is too cute! I love your creative style Kim. It is great that you actually follow through with your ideas. ;) I'm loving your blog look too, my friend. :)

  2. He is absolutely adorable!
    I love those branches in that jar also.

  3. Nice job with all that you did-everything looks really good!

    I love the passage from the book too-I used to read it to Amy all the time, and then we would randomly say that quote several times a day.

    Your little guy is adorable-what a blessing our babies (at any age) are:)

  4. Where did your little guy go - that photo of the end is of a little boy! Where does the time go?!?

    I love your decorating changes - it is fun to mix things up.

  5. Looks great. I have some of those shelves without visible brackets. I really like them.

  6. this all proves that it is care and love that makes a house a home - not money. course a broom and mop also - never heard the term dirty home.... but have heard dirty house.... hum....
    gosh don't think I meant your home is dirty.... just rambling.
    too much lately about the poor and how their houses are dirty.... never thought it took money to be clean.... I am still on it aren't I?

  7. your little guy in his yuppy sweater is just kissable.... give him a big smooch from auntie Ginger.

  8. you have a knack for decorating! I might have to "borrow" some of these ideas!

  9. Kim, you have a wonderful creative eye. I also remember nursing the babies and looking at the walls and wondering Hmmmm...maybe I should change this or add that. You gave me some great ideas here. You're becoming a decorator, my friend :)


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