Monday, 14 February 2011

Etsy, here I come

My friend Erin is getting married in May. Yesterday we gathered at my house and showered her with love, food and gifts. There were about 15 of us. I didn't ask her if I could post pictures of her and the other guests so here are the decorations I put together leading up to this event.

I spray painted an old piece of art I had into a chalkboard and made a wreath out of an old tank top. After reading that, you'll probably stop feeling sorry for me when I tell you that Naveen keeps me up all night. She must be getting enough sleep to be miss crafty crafterson I can hear you saying.
I veered left into the woods near our house on a walk last week and found these branches waiting for me. Centre-piece they seemed to be whispering. Who was I to question them? So I did what any sleep-deprived, cheapskate, crafty-wannabe would do. I took a pair of bright red overalls someone had gifted us for the boys and drew and cut hearts to hang from my free branches. I stuck each heart to cardboard hearts cut out from one of Naveen's diaper boxes.
I hope the person who gave me the overalls isn't reading this post. But truthfully by the time Deaglan was old enough to wear them, it was mid summer and hotter than hades.

I made these crepe paper roses from a Martha Stewart kit. It was $2.00 for each kit. I bought three kits, meaning I had to make 18 roses. Can I say that sometimes my cheapskateness bites me in the butt? These were te-di-ous. And to add insult to injury, Shaune breezed by while I was softly swearing to myself twisting florist's tape, and maddeningly asked why aren't you just buying decorations for the shower??
Well he didn't have to tell me twice. I hired his cousin's partner to make these adorable cupcakes.
And I spent a day and a half of my life I will never get back fretting about these flowers, threatening Deaglan and the cat that if they so much as harmed one carnation, there would be severe consequences.

Do you love the frame? Another bad piece of art I discarded. A five dollar can of spraypaint.

Erin noticed all my efforts. I knew she would. That's why we're such good friends. She said she thought it was the best shower she'd ever attended. Love that girl for knowing what I needed to hear.

And this kid can finally relax. I even let him eat a cupcake in the living room.


  1. You did a beautiful job. I just know your friend was touched by all your extra special efforts. Love those upcycled hearts!

  2. You did a great job Kim!I'm so impressed with your resourcefulness and the way you improvised-plus everything looks really pretty, too!

    Will you come to my house?

  3. Gorgeous! I love the centerpiece made out of branches.

  4. Hi Kim, I still have to read this post... I will.

    For now I just wanted to wish a Happy Valentine's Day.

  5. The heart tree turned out great!! :) Everything looks so cute!

  6. Stunning. I am in complete awe. I am presently planning my son's party and it's making me surly. I would pay you tons to do it all for me. You are GOOD>

  7. Love all these crafts you are doing!! Where are you getting your inspiraton? Erin must have felt very

  8. You are kind of an artist you know. Outsourcing the cupcakes – good idea. And poor Deaglan – and the cat. But it was a beautiful thing you did. God smiles.

    And This is some adventure you’re on. God smiles, I’m sure

    God Bless and Keep you and your family

    Oh, and Happy day after Valentine’s Day.

  9. How adorable Kim!! I love the processing on the photos too. :)

  10. How adorable Kim!! I love the processing on the photos too. :)

  11. The place looks beautiful... i specifically liked the branches with the hearts.... so beautiful.

  12. AWESOME!! TERRIFIC!! WAY TO GO KIM!! You are one super duper talented young lady :)


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