Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Blog tips resources and three new favourite blogs

I'm always looking for ways to improve the look and functionality of my blog. There are so many generous bloggers out there sharing their knowledge. These blogs have helped me on my ongoing journey to a better blog.

Sarah at Clover Lane
I love this blog. She's a stay-at-home-mom of five with so much heart. She inspires me all the time with her stories, tips and authenticity. She also introduced me to Picasa.

The Blog Guidebook is fabulous. You can get on their directory by doing a small post about them. They have excellent tutorials about how to do a blog banner, how to make a sidebar button, and so much more. They are also responsible for making me fall in love with Picnik. So much easier than photoshop and it's free!

I love this post about comments from Scary Mommy. She has some excellent tips for updating your blog in 2011.

Here are some of my favourite new blogs. These ladies don't know me from Adam (Eve?) but I am completely in awe of them. See what you think.

I got these ceramic flower candle holders for $2. each at Liquidation World. They are heavy. Aren't they fun for spring?

Enjoying the small things. Turn your volume down if you're at work. Kelle has music. And while most blogging guidelines will tell you that having music on your blog is taboo I think you'll agree that it works for her. I LOVE Kelle's honest, laid back take on life. Sit back and enjoy the beautiful photography of her girls.

Flowerpatch Farmgirl. Okay so Shannan does know I exist but probably only because I expressed my undying affection to her and she might have felt obligated to respond. She's an excellent writer mom of three adopted kids. If you have the time, read her series on adoption.  

The Nesting Place. I'm sure a lot of you know of the Nester. She's infamous!! I can't tell you how much she and her design blog inspire me.  Well after you visit her site you will likely feel the same.
This was Deaglan when he got up a few mornings ago. Shaune and I couldn't stop laughing to ourselves. Do you think he needs a haircut? We kept calling him Aunt Donna behind his back. (my Aunt Donna had this style for years when I was a kid).

That's all I have for now but don't forget to post your pictures on my facebook wall. I want to post them here every few weeks.


  1. LOVE Deaglan's hair!!
    Thanks for turning me on to The Blog Guidebook and Picnik. I have been having fun evolving. :)

  2. Flowerpatch Farmgirl - I love the name of that one!

  3. Thanks for sharing the links. And Deaglan's hair is hysterical. We call that grass head around here. But I like the Aunt Donna hair is pretty good, too.

  4. Gee I understand Deaglan... that was my hair when I would come back home from school. Sigh.

    some things don't change.

  5. Good choices Kim-I love finding new blogs!
    I remember the bedhead days, too:) And poor Aunt Donna (pardon me while I roll around on the floor laughing!)
    Your boys are TOO CUTE!

  6. I'm excited to check out these blogs! I'm so new to all this....only about a month I need lots of advice. :)
    How sweet and generous of you to spread the word about these blogs. (I had already discovered The Nester. Love. Love. Love.)

  7. I'm always on the lookout for new blogs. These sound great. Thanks!!! Deaglan looks like such a cutie :)

  8. Thanks for sharing these links... I'm always interested to see new blog designs and discover new bloggers. Heading to check them out now :)

  9. I toldja I was coming over here to poke around. :) Imagine my surprise with THIS!! :) Made my night.


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