Monday, 25 April 2011

Ten things I'm going to do when I get some sleep

I’m feeling hopeful that any day now I’ll be able to say – hey I’m not tired. In my fantasy of such an occasion, I’ll wake feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.
About two nights a week, Naveen sleeps for eight hours straight. Of course those are usually the nights Deaglan can find a hundred and fifty reasons he must sleep in our bed. Lately there have been a pack of hungry wild hyenas lurking in our upstairs closets, waiting to pounce the moment I fall into a blissful sleep.

Thanks Disney.
You might want to think about jacking up the G rating on Lion King next time you release it out of your precious vault. Hey and while you’re at it, I’ve had just about enough of my three year-old pointing the vaccum hose at his baby brother, yelling “Look Mommy, I’m going to shoot the savage!” Pocohontas’ message isn’t all that clear unless you’ve studied history. They haven’t covered that yet in Deaglan’s daycare. And don’t even get me started on the misogynistic vulgarity of Gaston, that sexist pig, from Beauty and the Beast.

But I digress.

Here are ten things I’m going to do when I get some sleep.

1. Turn off the babysitter – I mean the TV. And write a strongly worded letter to whoever’s in charge over at Disney these days.

2. Shower regularly and reacquaint myself with deodorant and make-up.

3. Give my pyjama pants a day off

4. Fully acknowledge that hotdogs don’t fit into a food group.

5. And while I’m at it give the microwave a break

6. Stop starting every sentence with a yawn and a ten minute explanation of how long it’s been since I had a good night’s sleep.

7. Indulge in some non-maternity undergarments.

8. Answer the phone. And stop hiding any time someone comes to the door.

9. Render Shaune speechless and possibly make his day (Month? Year??) by saying yes.

10. Come clean to Deaglan that Mommy’s not really “doing work on the computer”. It’s called blogging and no one’s paying me to do it.
We had a wonderful Easter weekend. Friday we visited with my folks where Deaglan had a blast playing with his cousins Farrah and Asia. And Sunday we visited with Shaune's family where Deaglan again had a wild time. It's hard to believe looking at this picture of him. There were about seven people trying their bloody best to make him say Cheese. I was actually gritting my teeth and threatening to take away his new toys here. Looks like a smile though, don't you think?


  1. I can get it. It feels like one doesn't need kids to keep themselves posted. A blood sucking job comes close.

  2. I remember those days well. Once Amy started kindergarten, I had a reason to get up and dressed and make myself look semi presentable because I'd walk her to school and meet up with other moms. This year I don't walk with her-and so I'm back to the prekindergarten days- of course now I'm doing important (blogging) work on the computer most of the morning too ;)

    Here's wishing you a belated happy Easter too:) (That nice bunny brought me chocolate eggs and champagne!)

  3. Yup, I remember those days all to well. You'll blink and then you'll find that you're not sleeping because you're waiting for them to come's a vicious circle!

  4. Still a great photo. And sounds like a nice, busy weekend.

    I was watching a show yesterday during nap time. Rare thing for me to do. Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman - my favorite, circa 1995. I could not make it through one 45 minute show due to so many interruptions. I finally gave up. Ironically, it was about Dr. Quinn considering giving up her medical practice because she cannot juggle motherly duties, wifely duties, and career. I just about cried. But, I'll cry more when the kids leave so I'll continue on hoping the baby cuts her molars soon and T Rex learns to sleep in his bed all night.

  5. I could write the same list. Maybe we'll both get some sleep in a year or two. Girl, what are you going to do when you have to return to work?? Lemme tell ya - it is HARD!!!

  6. The family picture came out great. You don't want to know about all my photo battles in those early years!

    I've been going to the bus stop in my pj pants and I don't even have a baby!!

    Love the "render Shaune speechless" one. LOL.

  7. My pajama pants get some serious wear time as well! What is this "saying yes" of which you speak? No, don't tell me. I don't wanna get too close to that. ;)

  8. I should clarify. I knew what you meant, but I just don't want to discuss it for fear it could happen over here. LOL

  9. You are gorgeous. Your family is lovely. And I have a teeth gritted pic from Easter as well.

    I can, alas, relate to every one of the thing on your list.

    And Pixar isn't winning any friends over here. Toy Story has so scary-ass stuff in it.

  10. Praying that more sleep comes your way and #9 is fantastic!!

  11. I'm with you!

    PS - I am building our new playset next weekend... Luckly i will get credit.

    PPS Followed you from Shell PYHO last week but finally getting around to reading the older posts :-)


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