Wednesday, 4 May 2011

And speaking of nude peep-toed pumps

The Easter Bunny brought Buzz and Woody.

I love our camera. I love blogging. But I have not been working on a back-up plan. I have not completed even one photo album of the kids. Not one! And I have not backed up my blog. Have I learned nothing? One of my resolutions (I know it's May) is to do a blog book or two. What if (I'm knocking on wood) Blogger went out of business?

I wore these out on Saturday night to Erin's bachelorette. Fun.

I love blogging. I know I already said it but I think it warrants saying again. Sometimes when I feel anxious about it, I read one of Catherine Connors' posts. She empowers me to keep going, keep telling my motherly stories, my womanly stories. If you haven't been reading her blog, you should. And while I'm at it check these blogs out too. I have been reading Jim's stuff for a few years now. Sometimes I laugh out loud (fine I'll use that acronym LOL) at his stories. He's an ex-lawyer turned stay-at-home Dad. And I just found Ameena last week. If you're looking for sentimental, sweet stories, don't go to her site. She's hilarious. And sarcastic.
Shaune's garlic shoots peeking out.

Also, I am feeling the Spring.
A little.

I'm looking forward to spending lots of time outside. Deaglan's energy level needs the open space. We start soccer next week. I can't wait till I don't have to wrestle two kids for forty minutes just to get them ready to go out.

There's been a lot of "take that off before you get into this house" going on around here.

I'm pouring my random blogger heart out with Shell today.


  1. Awww, my son loves Toy Story 3 too!

    How do you back up your blog? I've never done that.

  2. Your son is adorable...but honestly, I am fixated on your gorgeous shoes! I love them!

    Wordpress has a way to export your site (and thus back it up) on your harddrive. I bet blogger has something similar?

  3. Look at those cute dirty hands!! I can just see him running up to you and saying, "Mommy, give me a hug!!"

    And those are some seriously sexy shoes. I bet you stole the show at the party!

  4. I love those shoes! I LOVE THOSE SHOES! (Sorry-didn't mean to yell like that!)

    I also need to back up my blog-I love it and I would hate to lose any of it. Some of it is probably not worth saving, but still-I am fond of it all. It really has become an important and integral part of my life-you and your blog are proof of that:)

    In my quiet, calm, inside voice now:
    i love those shoes...

  5. Yes, let's talk about peep toe pumps :)

    I thought I was backing up my blog properly but it turns out I wasn't!! Thank God none of my updates went badly or I would have lost everything!!!

  6. I'm coming over from Shell's and loved all your random goodness. I need to back up my blog, too and never do. Thanks for the reminder.

    The shoes are almost as fab as those muddy little hands. Almost.

  7. oh girl i could not bear the suiting up required to get the boys out in cold weather. i have witnessed it and know we would just never go out until spring.

  8. I always enjoy your pour you heart out stories.

    Please let me know how soccer goes. We're looking into for T Rex but we cannot seem to find anything that takes kids his age.

    Those garlic shoots are very cool. I bet they will taste even better.

    That last photo of the mud is priceless.

  9. You have such an eye. Your children as simply stunning.

    And spring means run 'em ragged. The computer will wait. But don't go too far.


  10. The phobo book websites make putting your saved photos into a beautiful format so easy!! But taking the time to sort through your most cherished photos is time consuming, as I've realized with my wedding photos. (Still not wedding book from the photographer) So I can relate. I can also relate to your new shoes!!!!!! LOVE THEM KIM!!! JP

  11. Love those shoes! Fancy girl!

  12. Love the shoes and those dirty little hands make me smile. He's such a little boy.

  13. Cool shoes! My boys had Buzz and Woody when they were younger, too.

  14. Squish, squish, squish, that's all I can say when I see pictures of your kids, LOL! Hope you had fun when you went out with those pretty shoes Kim! Don't know if I would be able to walk in high heels anymore, it's been that long, they say it's like riding a bike though. I better give it a try real soon.

  15. Cutest Shoes!!! I'm loving blogging and photography more and more. I really missed my blogging time...It's great to be back. :)


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