Monday, 11 July 2011

Arrogance does not become me

I was feeling a bit smug at Deaglan’s soccer game on Saturday.

The mother on the patch of grass next to me was close to her breaking point because her two Under Fivers* refused to play. It was quite possibly the hottest day we’ve had this year and her two rascals wanted nothing to do with running or kicking. In a low angry voice she threatened, one-by-one, to take away each of the day’s allotted treats.

“If you don’t get out there and play,” she hissed, taking a break from her Blackberry, “there will be no licorice.” The two didn’t budge.

“I’m not kidding, absolutely no cake today!”

The older one had the younger one in a head lock.

“I swear to God, if you don’t get out there for at least five minutes, I’m taking away the jube-jubes and you can forget about McDonald’s.” She glanced at me sheepishly.

Her boys were now taking turns of body slamming each other.

Oh I know what you’re thinking. I am so going to be there in a couple of years.

But Deaglan also refused to stay on the field. He told me early on, very matter-of-factly, “Mommy, it’s too hot for soccer.” Besides he was giddy with the thrill that we had brought the snack for everybody (it was our turn) and his sole focus was in letting the coaches and his teammates know that we had brought bananas, granola bars and cold water. He perched himself atop the cooler, consulting me every few minutes to determine how close to snack time we were getting.

I was feeling pretty self-congratulatory for relaxing, for not getting worked up that my kid wasn’t living up to my soccer-mom dreams.

The universe knocked me off of the high horse I was riding though.

While waiting to see the doctor this morning, Deaglan and I were perusing the kid’s books. The only other person waiting to see the doctor was a lone woman. Her cell phone vibrated and she decided to take the call outside. A few minutes later she came back into the waiting room.

Loudly and to my sickening horror, my three year old asked, “Mommy, why is that man coming back in here?”

See what I mean? I’m back to my humble self.

We went to the Detroit Zoo last weekend. It was brutally hot and we found ourselves enjoying the indoor attractions. While there were at least twenty real live snakes about four feet from where we sit, Deaglan couldn't get enough of this fake one.

*Deaglan plays in the U5 division - under five.

I'm joining Shell today and pouring my heart out.


  1. Out of the mouths of babes...that may have been the first embarassing thing he's said, but it won't likely be the last!!! We've all been there, it's how we chose to deal with it that makes a difference. I love the pic, by the way!

  2. Oh my goodness! Kids say the craziest things. *cringe* I hope she was understanding.

  3. Oh no! I hope she took it well. I know the day is coming when things just start coming out of my kid's mouth!

  4. Too funny. I would have said he calls everyone a man. He doesn't understand there are (wo)men lool.

    I agree with not forcing the kids to play especially at that age.

  5. Did I tell you about the time Amy told a really mean looking Hell's Angels biker guy that he had a big stomach? I got knocked clear out of Smugville and I was also tempted to run for my life!

    You will (trust me) look back on Deaglan's comment someday and laugh-but still, I know how you felt. my dear:)

  6. Well, maybe next time she'll wear jewelry to the doctor ;-)

    It is too hot for soccer. I have to agree ;-) I woke up at 5 am to get my workout in because losing sleep triumphs over running in 100* weather in the evening!

  7. I am not looking forward to the day that my child says something embarrassing to another adult. I just hope the other person has a sense of humor.

    stay cool!

  8. Same thing happened here a few weeks ago - cable lady came to re-cable the house, but she looked and dressed masculine and ALL morning, "What's that 'man' doing". I was STRESSED! :)

  9. Okay I'm not perfect - that is totally clear! - but I never, ever threaten Maya with food. This woman threatened cake, licorice, jube-jubes, and Mickey D's? That is nuts!

    And yes, Maya has had some issues with gender happens. :)

    I love this picture! You have the most perfect skin Kim!

  10. First, I love the snake picture. Also, I can even begin to count how many times my girls have embarrassed me by saying something along those happens and you will look back and laugh. I'm laughing now :)

  11. The kiddos keep us honest don't they. Even now that my kids are both grown, they can do things that keep me from being too smug.

    (visiting from PYHO)

  12. So funny. I adore the image of Deaglan on top of the cooler giddy for snack time.

  13. My kids are constantly doing things that make me cringe!

  14. They never say the embarrassing stuff in a quiet voice, do they? lol

  15. Oh boy, oh boy, oh embarrassing!

  16. HAHAHA!

    Ok, so much here...First, the mom on the soccer field. Annoying. LOL Just let the little ones do whatever they want on the soccer field. Isn't that part of an under five soccer team? To watch them all toddle around in the wrong direction?

    Then, hilarious embarassing moment thanks to your boy. We can always count on them to put us in our place. :)

  17. Yeah, kids will make you wince. But not the same as the soccer mom incident. There, SHE was the one behaving badly.

  18. Sounds like my life on the crazy soccer field some days! I can totally relate.

  19. That is wonderful that you kept your cool. You let him choose what was best for him. Yay!!
    Ouch, that must have been so awkward when he made that comment at the doctor's office. Noah will be nine Friday and I had to keep shushing him at a restaurant just the other night for the same reason. Mother's Day should be Mother's Week!! :)


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