Monday, 15 August 2011

Parks, port-a-potties, non- pro photography and post-partum staging

Last week a friend told me about a good park in her town. Her description of  a new-fangled surface underneath the play equipment and a sandbox outfitted with manual-operating diggers sold me. That there was a little train you could ride, was the blue buttercream frosting on this cupcake. 

We drove there yesterday after Plan A fell through. Overcast and soggy, the beach held little sparkle, so we loaded up some snacks and drove the half hour.

The train wasn't operating but our two park-enthusiasts didn't care. There was plenty of swinging, sliding, ramp-walking and digging.

We stayed long enough that Shaune even got to use a port-a-potty. See, that's one of the biggies we differ on. Me? I would hold my bladder if it meant crossing province lines to avoid using a port-a-potty. If you're easy going about things like that - like Shaune is, having a wife like me is deep-sigh -awww c'mon, you're kidding-type of frustration.

The drizzly sun-less day made it perfect picture-taking weather. Did I ever mention that because we have this nice camera -I'd have to ask Shaune what it's called but he's not here- that we've only been to a photo studio once? That was when Deaglan was six weeks old and he peed on the photographer's hand. Yup, that was the last time. We just take our chances with our own handi-work and sometimes come up with gems like these. Shaune even put on the auto-set thingy and got a few family shots.

And I know I go on and on about what my kids mean to me and how cuckoo I am for them. But have I told you how practical they are? Forget wearing baggy clothes to hide your post-partum body.

I just strategically place a kid in front of me.

Go ahead and look back. I know you want to. You'll see a a cute little boy hiding my problem spots in every post I'm pictured.


  1. Oh, I hate port-a-potties too...gross. Great pictures, though! I like the line about how practical the kids are for fashion purposes ;)

  2. I too would burst before I used a port a potty. I have used them only once and taht was when my daughter was 3 and could NOT wait I literally stripped her naked outside the port a potty and held her in the air legs spread wide apart and let her pee. then placed her outside the port a potty so that she did not touch anything inside. My first and last time in a port a potty.

    I LOVE the last picture. he looks so grown up and so little at the same time.

  3. Unfortunately for me, my bladder took a beating after 3 boys, and sometimes a portapotty is a real lifesaver. I wish I had your bladder! ;-)

    Very cute pics!

  4. I'm like you. I'll avoid a port-a-potty like it's a plague, and quite frankly, some of them look like they're harboring one!

  5. I discovered your photography secrets too-unfortunately, I am still using them. And I tell ya, holding an almost 16 your lap sure hides flaws, but they get to be heavy at that age! My real secret? Cropping-cropping everything out except my face ;)

    Love your family photos Kim-they are wonderful!

  6. I can't stomach port-a-potties either. I'd rather go in the woods and risk poison ivy.
    I always love your photos, so candid and bright!

  7. You really are the most photogenic, beautiful family. I love the new header, and I love the way this visiting your blog makes me so just happy.

  8. I love using my son as an "accessory" too for hiding those areas!! The pictures are great!

  9. Oh my, I try to strategically plan my potty times to avoid port-a-potties...It is the smell that gets me everytime! eww
    Beautiful shots. You all have great smiles!

  10. I'm with you on porta-potties. Ugh.

  11. I won't go anywhere that doesn't have a proper bathroom. Sadly, I really mean this!

    Gorgeous family photos my friend - no need for strategic placement I assure you.

  12. Our kids have never been professionally photographed. Your photos are lovely. I have found I have to take tons of shots in order to get a few that look good, though. I like the family ones and the last one of Deaglan on the tiny train tracks is really charming. And the postpartum body is worth these little ones.

  13. I run from port a potties! That last picture is awesome!!


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