Wednesday, 10 August 2011

What would it take to reach us?

When I was little I lived in a mud hut in a village in a very poor third world country. Eating was not a regular thing. Neither was indoor or outdoor plumbing. Or clothes. Now I live in a modest little three bedroom and drive a minivan. I have over twenty pairs of shoes. And I eat very well several times a day.

I struggle constantly to reconcile what my life was then and what it is now. Too often, too easily, I take the now for granted. But there is a voice, sometimes just a slip of a whisper, reminding me that I know better. Stop and acknowledge it murmurs.

I’ve been watching footage of the famine in Somalia with a mother’s heart. I’ve been watching it having once known the terror of hunger. I look at those children and see my boys in their faces. I wonder like so many, how this could be happening over there when my biggest problem is that Law & Order SVU is a rerun.

I wonder too if it’s true what Matthew Paul Turner writes in this post. Are we just over it?

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