Sunday, 6 November 2011

Did I mention I'm 5'2"?

I wish I could capture the scene we have each day as I’m getting the kids into their outdoor gear. I’m sure you would drive straight to my house and award me some kind of a trophy for not giving my children away.

I’d videotape it, although I’d not only be implicating myself as the crazy woman I turn into but it’s a full body job – my legs are needed to restrain Naveen while my hands put on his socks and shoes.

I’m not kidding.

And don’t even get me started on the laps around the house I do to catch Deaglan, threaten him with the worst punishment I can think of that won’t require intensive psychotherapy when he’s a grown-up, till finally, I can sit him still long enough to get his arms into his coat.

I have no idea why I’m not thinner than I am.

I mentioned something like this to Shaune yesterday – that I’d gained a few pounds lately. And you know what my husband said? Brace yourself because you’ll be relieved to know that although he does the cooking around here, he’s not perfect. He goes – “maybe it’s all the treats you eat at work.”

Can you imagine the nerve??? I mean how dare he??

Well I know it’s the treats but I was very comfortable in my sugary little cocoon of denial, thank you very much. How can I be expected to make it through the afternoon at work without chocolate almonds? Is it my fault that on Tuesdays our coffee cart only has one Sweet Marie square and if I don’t get there at just the right time I miss out?

And in all fairness to myself, I thought I was working-out just enough to break even. I even calculated the number of minutes I’d need to run, to afford each afternoon's pick-me-up. I was no math major but I really thought I had a foolproof system.

But then I had to go and remember that we needed batteries for the scale when we were at Canadian Tire last week. And just like that Cold-Hard Truth slapped me across the face.

Seven pounds since June.

 Every time I doubt that they look alike, I get reminded that they actually do. On the left is Deaglan just shy of a year old. Look at how similar their little cheeks and mouth are.

Little punks, it's their dreamy cuteness that keeps me from holding grudges.


  1. Oh My God! The nerve indeed. A little treat for oneself is alright.

  2. I think our husbands forgot to read the section of the marriage manual that says to always tell your wife that she doesn't look like she's gained any weight.

    p.s. I think moms deserve some caloric break for the Olympics that is getting our kids dressed in the mornings.

  3. I love this and there is no way to hold grudges when you see their little smiles!!!!to cute

  4. Treats are the only thing that make going to work worthwhile! And your morning routine sounds just like mine!

  5. I totally remember the madness that ensued when cold weather came around! I can't say I miss it...but I do miss the cute little faces that came along with it. Try to enjoy the stages (no matter how frustrating)...time will pass all too quickly! xo

  6. Okay first off...I'm glad your husband isn't perfect because it makes me feel better about my own. Secondly...7 lbs is really nothing in the grand scheme of things! Nothing to stress over or worry about in my opinion. You look fabulous in every blog picture and I mean that!

  7. Oh, men!! They don't think before they speak.
    Love your new header, though.
    And, I'm pretty sure I've gained 7 pounds in the last week alone...this Halloween candy is KILLING me!!

  8. Recently, I've noticed the resemblance between your boys. They are just too cute.

    Check your weight again in a week. Then decide what to do. Maybe make a few laps with Deaglan. By the way, hearing how tough it is to put coats on makes me feel so much more normal. This is a very familiar occurrence at our home.

  9. They do look alike and and are adorable cutie pies! I hear ya on the weight creeping up. Same thing here, and I'm gonna have to get after it SOON! Notice how I didn't say today or anything...that would be crazy since I have cheesecake in my fridge.

  10. After we got married my husband got me hooked on his carbs and refused my healthy ways...then proceeded to lose 50 pounds. Talk about the short end of the stick.

  11. Grrrr! Men! Compulsory sensitivity training should be required for all husband could use a few lessons too:)

    Kim-your boys just keep getting cuter and cuter!

  12. When we were up visiting friends in northern Ontario a couple of Christmases ago, I almost DIED when I saw what my friend had to do to dress her 4 kids to walk to school. Could. Not. Do. It.
    You deserve a MEDAL!!

  13. I was just thinking to myself today that I'm addicted to sugar...and if i could only cut it out I know I'd drop some pounds. Sigh.

    I bet you look great :-)

  14. Thank God we love our husbands...but a lil treat is what us Mommas need from time to time. And, YES...they do resemble. Great comparison shots! You and Shaune make adorable babies!

  15. Yep. I always mumble something along the lines of "God made you so cute so that even when you are acting like a jerk I'll still take care of you!" at least twice a day. Your boys look like twins in the first set of pics, I didn't know they weren't the same until you said something about it.

    My best, Lynn
    *side note: am I the only adult mother at the park hogging that twirly seat in the 2nd pic while giggling and yelling to her waiting kids "Wait your turn!"? Hmm? Nobody? Nobody else?

  16. This is incredibly off topic - but is it really that cold there already?

  17. This is why we won't be leaving the house this winter. It will take too darn long to dress everyone!

    Girl, seven lbs? You can take that off. Protein and lots of mattress dancing.

  18. He totally broke the number one man rule. And yea, so don't miss snow gear- or snow.

  19. Thank goodness winters are short here.

    And the treats? He's NOT allowed to bring those up. It's what we women need--it's like air.

  20. Your hubby should have known better.
    Your boys looked identical at that age! And you're so right about that dreamy cuteness - it's the reason why I haven't given my kids up for adoption.
    Hey, don't you need those extra pounds to keep warm in winter? ;)

  21. Husband law 101. Never, ever give advice when it comes to weight issues.

  22. Kim, thanks so much for your friendship, love and support to me in my ups and downs of parenting. I am going to copy down that last caption for that cute photo to keep me grounded when the boys are driving me crazy. Thanks also for your prayers for my cousin Gerri and her family. I really appreciate your concern and thoughtfulness. Love, Kel


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