Saturday, 10 December 2011

Keeping my ego in check

We had Deaglan’s birthday party at our local children’s museum last week. It was the first time we invited friends; up until now we’d celebrated his big day with family only. And I didn’t want to have ten kids and their parents over to the house.

We picked the Super Science package where TJ – a teenager working for the museum performed a few basic science experiments, with the birthday boy as his assistant. Because the audience was four year-olds, the highlight was definitely the rocket ship built out of an empty film canister, Alka-Seltzer and water. At one point when the TJ blew up a balloon with baking soda and vinegar, the kids sat unimpressed waiting for the climax.

“Should I do the rocket again?” he asked seeing that the chemical result of mixing baking soda and vinegar was lost on these young thrill seekers. He regained his magician status when he showed this tough crowd how to make slime from corn starch, food colouring and water.

There was pizza and cake and lots of spilling. I was reassured that expensive though the party was, I wouldn’t be spending half my day cleaning.

And also? Most importantly, I learned that I need to stay out of Shaune’s sightline when he’s got the camera. Because it’s not doing me any good to look at some of the shots he got of me.

 I just realized they spelled his name wrong. Still the cake got a good deal of oohhing and ahhhing.
 So this picture isn't too bad. I guess I need to outline the rules of catching me in a shot to Shaune. Rule number one: I must be photographed with a cute baby well placed on my body. Does he need this reminder every time??
 Is anyone benefitting seeing me from this angle? I'd say no.
 Shaune, you couldn't have aimed the camera a little more to the right? Awww C'mon!!
I will say that looking at these pictures keeps me grounded and humble. There's no chance I'm feeling smug or better than you!


  1. I tend to just crop myself out of photos a lot....

    His party looks great. What a cute cake! They misspelled Pierce's name on his birthday cake this year too. Sigh.

  2. You know what Kim? You are one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. I can't tell you how much I love these heartfelt and honest slices of your life:) Happy birthday wishes to Deaglan!! When Amy turned 4, she had friends over, got overwhelmed, and hid in her closet! I've been afraid to let her have a party since;) :) Hugs!

  3. You looked beautiful, you ARE beautiful and it looks like everyone had a great time. Happy birthday to your 'big boy'! My son's turning 4 in Feb...can't believe it!

  4. All I see is a fantastic loving mom enjoying the day with her kids. I think he got all of the right angles.

  5. I think you're just beautiful. But I'm the same way about pictures. Happy Birthday to little D!

  6. You look great- and I love your outfit!! That party looks awesome!!!

  7. Lots of oohing and awing over that cake from here. I think you look very chic in those boots.

    It seems like a very delightful birthday celebration and very nice you did not have to perform clean up.

  8. EEEEeee gads we can be hard on ourselves..... like when is the last time you left the kids at daycare an extra hour in order to work out at the gym? When is the last time you spent time just luxuriating in a spa? no matter what 'they' say we can't be all things to all people - right now your focus is on children.

  9. Kim, you are gorgeous!!! And that sounds like a fun party! Much better than spending all day cleaning just to have the house messed up in a matter of minutes anyway.
    What a bummer that they spelled his name wrong.

  10. Do I have to tell you how gorgeous you are?! that hair, that skin, that!
    I love the bday party idea at the science museum and that cake. did you save your bloggy friends some?

  11. I think you look great and the party looks like it was a lot of fun. I end up cropping myself out of a lot of pictures. It is just better for my self-esteem that way.

  12. You are beautiful! I tend to avoid pictures when I can but every once in a while I get humbled too. I love your outfit and it looks like a fantastic party! I've missed visiting your blog and I'm glad I stopped by today :)

  13. 1) You're lovely.
    2) There's no way I do parties at home. No way. The money is worth it.
    3) Love the Canada t-shirt. Representing!


  14. That was such a cool party! And you look wonderful, you silly girl!

  15. Yep!! No one ever does me any favors with the camera either. I am always shocked at how "big" I look. I guess I have this delusion that I have disguised everything and look pretty good and then the pictures bring forth the cold hard reality!
    Looks like a great party, though and at least you are beautiful - even if you don't feel you are at your best - you have that going for you! :)

  16. You're looking stylish and fantastic. So hush. ;)

    I love the idea of a science party!

  17. Awww, fun times! Happy Birthday to your guy! Lovin' the outfit too cute...and I agree with your other!

  18. First off, I love your cute outfit...purple is really your color. You look fantastic!

    Secondly, I love the cake. Such attention to detail...aside from the obvious oversight of course. :)


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