Sunday, 25 November 2012

Naveen Matthew Matthew McNamara

With your first child you're more willing to let time pass. You find yourself welcoming the future, checklist in hand, ticking each milestone off. Walking-check, talking -check, potty training -check. And when your first isn't hitting those benchmarks according to the schedules books you've read set, or as quickly as your friends' kids did you feel a bit panicked.

With your first you are in a hurry.

But with your last? With that last baby you stand with your back to the door, refusing to look up at the clock. You let things be. You're in no rush to see the perfect step, could care less if they haven't shown interest in the toilet. You refuse to correct mispronounced words because well, because you know with real heartache how fleeting it all is.


  1. Oh my heart...he is such a cutie.

  2. Oh how I adore the mispronounced words.

  3. Oh, continue to cherish these it!

  4. I had the same feeling about it - eagerly cheered on each development with my first, and held on to each precious display of babiness with my last.

  5. Absolutely. I feel like I missed so much of T's babyhood feeling overwhelmed or just wanting to get to the next stage.


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