Monday, 15 June 2015

The 98 things before Summer

There is nothing more disheartening than making the kids’ lunches and finding out shortly thereafter that it’s Pizza Day. And that I thought to write an entire post on it, well it might be an indication that I am ready for this school year to end.


In the last few weeks I’ve had to remember no fewer than 98 extra things each morning:
  • $4.00 for chrysalises and tadpoles.
  • Interesting but EDUCATIONAL show-and-share items (Not the Droid Gun Ship you got from Gramma and Grampa)
  • Reading Log.
  • Shoe box to transform into a rock family’s habitat.
  • 40 mild chicken wings for the class potluck. (You know you’re raising boys when)
  • Doing the reading for the bloody Reading Log.
  • Birthday lollipops for the entire class.
  • Birthday pin for the birthday boy’s shirt so the class knows it's his birthday on the weekend.
  • Signed and dated math quiz.
  • Where the hell is that reading log?
  • Shin high white socks for tie dying.
  • $13.00 for Naveen’s end of the year trip. (Really? $13?  Not say, a nice round number like $10 or $20?)
  • $15.00 for Deaglan’s end of the year trip.
  • Library books (Every single time the late notice comes, I scratch my head thinking I have never seen this book in this house)

And although I want to weep around this time, each year because it is excruciatingly clear to me that I did not end up with a career that gives me the entire summer off but my husband did, I’ll be glad when I can stop having to remember 98 extra things every morning.

I won’t have to keep up this charade with Naveen (let’s see, what can I put into his lunch today that he won’t eat  because, Mommmmmy, I told you, I HATE pizza with sauce on it!)
I won’t have to ask Deaglan WHY? WHY DID YOU WEAR YOUR INSIDE SHOES HOME? WHY????
I won’t have to apologize for above question because I asked it in YELLING.

Instead I can sneak away extra early to work out.
Or sleep in because NO LUNCHES.
I can put all wardrobe negotiations on hold. Those are pajama pants. You have to wear regular pants.
And beat myself up a little less on the drive to work for the YELLING.
I can expect to come home to a house that doesn’t look like it’s been robbed and ransacked because well, LOOKING FOR THE BLOODY READING LOG.

Instead I can come home to three sun-kissed, shaggy haired guys wearing swim trunks and mismatched shirts who are very glad to see me. 

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  1. I don't miss any of that, but I do miss having the kids around.Summer is actually a little busier for me now, because my 18 year old is home for the summer and he is pretty much always hungry. And messy.


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