Thursday, 19 February 2009


Irrestibly cute kid!

Our new table $200!

Tepperman's $1399.00
This spring one of our big purchases was going to be a kitchen table. Our old one was a mish-mash of a hand-me-down table and our old wobbly chairs. Shaune and I enjoy having family and friends over for dinner or lunch and we've often felt slightly embarrassed about our dining room set. I've been doing some online window shopping and the set pictured here is from Tepperman's where we bought our living room set as well as our bed. This past weekend while I was checking out kijiji to see if anyone was selling a train table for Deaglan's future trainset, I clicked on dining room furniture just to see what people were trying to get rid of. I found the set we now have in our kitchen for $250.00 and was able to talk him down to $200.00. While it's not perfect upon close inspection, it has character and it looks absolutely lovely in our home. Everyday Shaune and I declare a new reason why we love it even more:
  • it looks great against the mossy green walls (Monday - me and Shaune)
  • it is solid and there is some great architectural detail (Tuesday me then Shaune agreed)
  • we don't care if it gets chipped because we only paid $200! (Wednesday morning - can't remember who said it)
  • we saved $1200!!!! (because we were considering buying something similar to the Tepperman's set) (everyday since we bought it - usually me)
  • we recycled! (Last night - Shaune)

Kijiji has been such an excellent resource for us. Over the past year or so we also bought a jogging stroller, a bike trailer, a sewing machine, some kids' toys and a zoom lens for our camera.

I included the picture of Deaglan in this post only because I can't resist and I still can't get over how cute he is!

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