Thursday, 19 February 2009

I want to remember

I believe that I really learned to recognize joy when Deaglan came into my life. There were probably many instances prior to his arrival but I didn't look for them or know how to cherish them. Sometimes these days I find myself feeling bittersweet when I notice something. Like when he's sitting on my lap and I look closely at his tiny feet and legs. Someday he will be a grown man I think to myself and these feet will be enormous and these legs covered with hair. Here are some of the things I hope I will always have within reach in my memory bank:-The way he pinches my neck and burrows his hands into my armpits right before he falls asleep-The space between his two front teeth- His grunt of approval when he's eating something he likes- That he is unapologetic when he's doing something wrong (in my eyes) like pulling on Crash's tail or emptying out my organized baskets if he gets the chance.-His hair when he wakes up in the morning-His sweet baby smell-The few times he actually gives me a kiss after I ask him to give me a kiss a thousand times-How he hugs me when he's sick-How his face lights up when he laughs-How breathtakingly cute he is when he is sleeping - bum up in the air - arms tucked under himAnd so many other moments of sheer delight he makes me feel!

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