Sunday, 22 February 2009

Not one of my talents

I did the one thing I vowed I would never do. I cut Deaglan's hair last night. It was a trainwreck. For weeks I knew I would have to do something about his bangs in his eyes. How hard could it be I asked myself. We put him in the highchair and Shaune sprayed down his hair while I cut a straight line across his forehead. Well the results couldn't be any worse - I guess if I closed my eyes while cutting maybe. Shaune called him everything from Friar Tuck to Spock's mini-me to muffin head (I don't even know what that means). Anyway, I spent the evening full of guilt and shame not to mention annoyance at Shaune for coming up with all these names. I even dreamed about the bad haircut I gave to my baby boy. This morning I called the children's hair salon down on the corner and made an appointment to remedy this debacle.
He does look really cute but I'm sad that his baby hair which I loved long is gone. I didn't want to pull a Celine Dion or anything - her kid (who is a boy) hasn't had a haircut yet and he's seven. But I did want to keep his hair long for a little while longer. Oh and by the way, the big bruisey scab on the bridge of his nose also happened on my watch.


  1. Aww, that's adorable!

    My mom tried cutting my hair once when I was little too - worked out about as well :)

    I won't ask how the nose booboo occurred, but just remember: kids heal fast for a reason!

  2. I remember those early haircuts for my boys. My boys would fight the barber shop so I had to try and "style" their wild hair myself. Your effort came out much better: ) I enjoyed visiting your blog. I think it is great how you are embracing motherhood in all its joys and craziness : )

  3. Hi, popped over from septembermom's blog! I am dreading the first time we have to cut my toddler's hair (he's still relatively bald at 21 mos) since I know he'll freak out. My husband keeps threatening to shave him bald until he's four, b/c he'll miss the "baby" look. (:

  4. He is cute. I like the idea of long hair on kids (and adults). Mine hadn't been cut in over 20 years when I finally got it cut off.


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