Saturday, 21 February 2009


I don't want to come off as a solicitor on my own blog. Well maybe a little bit. This is Sabina Mosammat our sponsored child. She's almost nine and lives in Dhaka Bangladesh. That's where my sister Tara and I were in the orphanage before we were adopted by Joe and Randi. Anyway I wanted to mention how easy it is to sponsor a kid. Easier than volunteering somewhere. Easier than going through your closets and finding stuff you want to give away to the local women's shelter. Definitely easier than changing Deaglan's diapers everyday. We went to the World Vision website: and clicked through some pages and then we were officially helping someone. We haven't noticed it come off of our credit card except that now we are using that one again whereas before I always forgot to.
World Vision has been around forever and has a really good honest reputation. The money does get to the person you sponsor. The goal of the program is to make the family self-sufficient. I used to sponsor someone several years ago before Sabina and one day I received a letter saying that I no longer needed to sponsor the child I had been because her family became self-sufficient.
It's $35.00 a month. Nothing. You can't even buy a nice sweater at H&M or fill up your tank for that much. Once you sign on you kind of feel good that you did something. It makes those commercials with the hungry kids a lot easier to watch! That's the end of my solicitation.

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