Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A few words about Shaune

Usually I only mention Shaune in passing here on my blog. Mostly I talk about Deaglan or the experiences that have impacted me. But today I wanted to stop and tell you some little things about Shaune.

He’s a pretty funny character, a really great husband and a fantastic daddy. He’s passionate about animals (I’ve often warned him that if he doesn’t stop cuddling with the cat, one day Deaglan’s buddies will refer to him as that weird Cat Guy) and lawn maintenance. And he’s also a wizard in the kitchen.

He keeps me laughing and well fed. Here are a few more odd tidbits about the one I call husband.

-He refers to me by my maiden name (Maheu) instead of Kim or sweetie or Honey

-He LOVES the food network

-He is creeped out by flat feet

-He calls Deaglan “Word” not Deaglan, not buddy, not sport (I'm not sure why and I've never asked)

-He thinks anything to do with poop, flatulence, or burping (well just about any loud noise emitted from the body) is downright hysterical – I’ve seen tears roll down his face from laughing at a fart joke

-And yet he gets completely squeamish when he sees Deaglan’s poopy diapers

-He is a huge fan of Zombie movies and can watch any one of the Night of the living dead series over and over and over….

-He is quiet around most people but sometimes I can’t get him to shut up

-He's smart and skilled and can figure out how to put just about anything together

-He is kind and generous and would help anyone in need

-He is not vain or self-centred

-I’m lucky to have him in my life


  1. I'm glad you have him in your life too! He sounds like such a wonderful person and great father.

    I love his special name for you - very sweet!

  2. Awww...super cute! And I love that he calls you by your maiden name. Cool!

  3. Very sweet. I love a man that can cook.

  4. He sounds wonderful. I think all boys like bodily fluids, etc...
    You should do a post on how you met him.

  5. Yeah! Good idea, Vivienne. He sounds like a winner, Kim, and maybe a bit of a character too. :D xx♥

  6. Awww sounds like he's lucky to have a gal who appreciates him so much too!

  7. He sounds like a wonderful man and a great husband and father.
    Very sweet. :)

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  9. You are one lucky gal with a husband who cooks :) Very sweet post about your hubby! Don't all husbands seem to love any flatulence or burping humor? You should see my 3 boys and my hubby when those kind of jokes start. Deaglan will be joining in with Daddy's jokes soon enough! Those Zombie movies scare me. I would have to be in the other room if they are on TV. Kim, wonderful tribute about Shaune. I'm sure he would brag a lot about you too!!

  10. awww..thats cute...wonder whats his reaction on reading this.. :)

  11. What a lovely tribute to your husband...he sounds like a great guy...just the kind of person I'd expect you to call your other half! ~Janine XO

  12. you have nabbed yourself a good one!!!

    and i am so glad you guys are not dealing with that horrible landlord anymore! i have one right now that should be shot and quartered. someday i hope to end her reign of terror when i can afford to buy my own home. ugh.

  13. awww, what a nice post about your hubby! I think that the best part is that he can cook! I wish my husband could or would or could cook!!!! you are so very lucky to have a great guy!

  14. Loved getting to know your other half!

  15. what a nice tribute to your husband! so sweet! he and my hubby would get along well with the jokes centered around farts and such! my hubby has a way of laughing loudly and making himself cry at those 'fart scenes' in movies, too!

  16. What an awesome guy. You are blessed to have each other. No wonder Deaglan is so great. :)


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