Thursday, 21 May 2009

Friends honouring friends

I do alot of reading and one of my favourite genres is found in the the spiritual growth/self-improvement section of a bookstore. I've always been interested in the pursuit of a higher self, not because I dislike who I am, or think that something is broken that needs to be fixed, but because I think there is a place that we can all reach if we look within ourselves, where love is the rule, and kindness and giving are the fuel that powers us. But I am a citizen of this world where it is easy to fall prey to consumerism, greed and selfishness and where competition and survival of the fittest are rewarded, and self-improvement and spiritual success wan in comparison.

But here in the blogging community where sharing, support and love reign supreme, my hopes have been renewed. The trust we all bestow upon each other to dabble in a bit of creativity and put it out there for all to see, to write about our personal lives, to reach out and say a few kind things just because we want to uplift each other - this is the kind of neighbourhood I am proud to live in!

This week I was tickled to find that I had received two awards from two beautiful women I really admire and feel honoured to be recognized by.

Janine from Sniffles and Smiles awarded me with the Noblesse Oblige Award and it is no surprise that she was presented with this award which requires that the blogger manifests exemplary attitude, respecting the nuances that pervade amongst different cultures and beliefs,
has a blog whose contents inspire; strives to encourage, and offers solutions and has a clear purpose. Janine's blog does all of this and fosters a better understanding of social, political, economic, the arts, cultures, sciences and beliefs and is refreshing and creative and promotes friendship and creativity and positive thinking. Some of my personal favourite posts have been Beware the blog and Dr no decision but you should visit her and find your own.

The receiver of this award is encouraged to list some the achievements of this blog. I'm not sure if this blog has achieved anything but I will tell you that it has taken on a life of its own. When I started, I wanted a forum to post pictures of Deaglan's development so that friends and family near and far could keep up with our lives. From that it has become a place for me to really talk about motherhood from my perspective. In the back of my mind I always hope that someday Deaglan will read what I've shared here and know me a bit better and understand the total abandon with which I have embraced his presence in my life. The fringe benefit and the surprising gift that has come with blogging has been the friendships with these wonderful people from all over the world!

It is my pleasure to pass this award on to some of my friends.

My voice, My view

T-Rex mom and dad tales

Family Fountain

Peace and love

...and now I'm a grownup

Check them out, I always feel so good when I visit them!

I will do a separate post on the other award I received this week since this one has undoubtedly taken up enough of your time:)


  1. Oh, fun!!! So delightful to follow your picks!!!! Thank you for your more than kind words!!! I am privileged to have met you and to call you my friend! ~Janine XO

  2. congrats on the award, you deserve it!

  3. Congratulations! So well deserved.

  4. First, congrats on your award. You always make ME feel good when I visit. I'm so glad we've connected and it's especially cool to have little guys the same age! Fun to have someone going through the same experiences!

    Secondly, thank you for the award! I don't feel like I am deserving but I'm very glad you feel good when stopping by!

    Thanks for considering me a friend - that is the highest honor you could bestow upon me.

  5. Congratulations, Kim! Your friendship and wonderful blog are true gifts to me :) Thank you so much for giving me the award too! I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. Congrats to the other recipients. I look forward to visiting their blogs too!

  6. awww. congratulations, Kim! Your blog is always deep, insightful and inspiring.

  7. Thank you, Kim, this is very thoughtful! I hope Family Fountain will have articles and posts that will encourage healthy family life and honor God.

    I'm enjoying reading your blog. Right now, I'm about to record a radio devotional then I have a mentoring session with a couple of boys (we're going to do batting practice this morning). I'll be back this afternoon to read your post again.


  8. What a neat award! Congratulations and THANK YOU for passing it on to me!! :)
    Your blog is always such a refreshing place to visit. You always speak so honestly and it touches my heart to know there is someone as sweet as you out there in the world. Keep on being you, cause we sure love you!!

  9. Kim, congrats to you. I have learned a LOT rading your blog. :) Also, thank you so much. I am so thankful that you thought of me. I am enjoying our new found friendship. :)


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