Thursday, 25 June 2009

Not always black and white

Shaune will roll his eyes when he reads this post. But I think he should count his lucky stars that I'm only mildly interested in celebrity culture. I don't buy gossip magazines or try to emulate Hollywood starlets.
But sometimes I do pay attention. I don't mind catching an E True Hollywood Story here and there and I could probably tell you from a high level what's going on between Jon and Kate.
So when I heard today that Michael Jackson died I wasn't sure how to react. I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I have always LOVED, LOVED, LOVED his music. It is brilliant, and fun, and some of the best dance music that ever existed. And back when he was the thing, I used to think he looked and sounded like the sweetest most gentle person.
And then I was sickened (and crushed) when all of the rumours and eventually charges came to light. Obviously only a very sick person could exploit and molest children.
When I heard the news today I called Shaune at work to tell him. He'd already heard. Are you sad he asked. I don't know I said. It's just weird. We didn't have anything to say after that. What can you say?
But I did hear a rumour that Johnny Depp left a waiter a $4000 tip. I didn't call Shaune to tell him that. He would have DEFINITELY rolled his eyes at that one.
Hey what can I say - it's not my fault that Johnny Depp gets dreamier and dreamier.


  1. I love Johnny Depp too! Not only is he the best looking man on the face of the planet... but he is one of the greatest actors I've ever known!

    I was a little sad about Michael and am still a little unsure what to believe about the charges. Had he passed years ago when he was in his prime... I think I would've been more saddened by it.

  2. I saw a bunch of commercials earlier today: see how big a tip Johnny Depp left.

    But I never saw the segment on the news.

    He does get dreamier every day.

    So sad about thriller-maker and jon and kate.

  3. I have no particular feelings at his passing BUT this type of thing is always connected to our youth, or memories of our children, or just a joy felt at the music. I had the same type of feelings when John Lennon was shot, such a loss of talent and of a piece of my youth.

  4. i am not sure how i feel about mj's death is sad...but he had so much against him in the last years of his life that kind of masked his brilliance.

    i think part of it does hurt because he is connected to our youth...just like the previous comment.

  5. I feel sad for Michael Jackson. Sounds like a really sad life which probably explains why he was weird. He was definitely talented!

    How, seriously, how does Johnny Depp do it?!?

  6. I didn't think I was upset about Michael Jackson. Then I saw the Thriller video on TV and got all choked up. So sad.

  7. I feel bad that when the news first broke that he had been rushed to the hopsital... I thought "Oh what now, you namby pamby pussy? Do you need a new nose? Is it too hot out for you today?"
    When I learned he died I felt pretty small and uncharitable. I think he was a nut job and a number of things contributed to that. However, his music is part of our cultural fabric and there is no denying that.
    If you believe in the macabre Rule of Three... Ed MacMahon, Farrah Fawcett and now MJ.

  8. Depp just came out and said Dillinger was a real cool guy, almost a hero. Made me smile and like Johnny more! Jackson was such a sad tortured soul, I suspect, that it makes even his great talent sad. We'll all one day remember where we were when he died, like elvis in '77. ~rick

  9. Like you, I'm not sure how to feel about MJ's death. Surely, the loss of any life is a sad occasion. I am still puzzled at the mess his life became...
    And $4000 tip?! Holy cow...

  10. I was impressed about Johnny's generosity too. I like that he is not your typical celebrity. He speaks his mind and does his own thing. He is a great actor.

    I'm so very sad to think about Michael's passing. Extraordinary talent. Who knows what other amazing performances could have been for all of us to enjoy? May he rest in peace. Poor Farrah and her struggle. I pray for her too.

  11. it almost makes me want to be a waitress! but only if he would be my customer. :)

  12. I was shocked to hear that MJ had died. As a music lover, his music has been such a large part of the foundation of that love. Do I condone anyone hurting children, NO. However, those accusations were just that allegations. Nothing was proven. I/we will never know if any of it was true. What I do know was that he was a genius, a troubled genius. For me he is our modern day Amadeus.


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