Tuesday, 30 June 2009

I've got all the answers

We've had some time off this past week. Canada Day falls on a Wednesday so both Shaune and I used some vacation time to take advantage of an extra long weekend. I have nothing remarkable to post about but here are some of my random observations about life since last Thursday:

  • While at the emergency room today (we took Deaglan in for what we thought could be something troublesome but it ended up being nothing - thank God) I noticed that Triage is a bittersweet concept. On the one hand we were completely relieved that our case did not warrant being moved to the head of the line. I mean we tore out of the house in a disoriented panic and concluded from the reaction of the emergency staff that maybe the situation wasn't as dire as we'd thought. But then we had to sit and wait on a tiny cot for two hours trying to contain a boisterous 18 month-old who, although gave us enough of a scare earlier to drop what we were doing and get to the hospital, showed no signs of illness whatsoever and whose energy level seemed to multiply as soon as we entered the emergency room. I had to remind Shaune that it was a good thing that they were treating the most severe cases first and that we were blessed to be considered low priority.

  • Vacations last longer when you aren't running around doing vacation type things. We didn't go anywhere or get anything major done. A few times we thought out loud about going to the beach (about an hour away) or to Ikea (about an hour and a half away) but then it would start raining or one of us would feel like taking a nap and we'd agree that we were fine just hanging around. It's been nice.

  • I don't think it's right that toddler toy companies make profits. As far as I'm concerned whoever made my old wallet and our dust pan should be the ones raking in the fortunes. When I need to distract Deaglan and catch a few minutes break I just pull out our dust pan - it's one of those that has a long handle like a broom. He literally squeals with delight at the sight of it. Throw in my old wallet and a set of keys and I could run some errands and he wouldn't even know I was missing. Clearly I wouldn't leave him alone but it does make me wonder how well these million dollar toy companies really know their demographics. Imagine the money they could save in building materials. I could just see it - "we'll take these old boxes and empty toilet paper rolls and call it a "Building set" and charge $75.00".

Anyway, nothing spectacular to report - just some random and silly thoughts.


  1. I'm happy to hear that Deaglan is o.k. You must have been scared when you admitted him to the emergency room. It must have been tough keeping an 18 month old calm and occupied during that long wait. I love those kind of hang around vacations. You're so right that time moves slower and we all feel more relaxed. I've always been amazed at how excited my kids get over the most basic things, box, tin foil, yarn, broom, etc. I have bins of expensive toys that sometimes just sit there while the kids lament that they are bored :)

  2. Yep,yep. My littlies LOVE the dustpan and the car keys, too.
    Toilet rolls? yeeha! heapsa fun!
    Glad you guys had a rest, and Deaglan is fine.xx♥

  3. glad to hear Deaglan is o.k. : )
    keeping a little one entertained at the Dr.'s office or ER, for that matter, is tough! kudos to you for surviving!

    glad you had a nice vacation and time off. i guess i didn't know you were in Canada! neat! we are gearing up for the 4th of July here...everyone has off on Friday, for the most part to celebrate Saturday.

  4. sounds like an awesome vacation!

  5. and I am glad that deaglan is ok!

  6. I love vacations where you don't go anywhere. They are the best. Hope little Deaglan is doing better.

  7. I'm so glad Deaglan is okay! I agree the best vacations are the ones where you have no plans and just spend time together. My little ones can be entertained for hours with everyday household objects.

  8. first, yay! to Deaglan. second, vacation sounds nice and laid back, kinda eat it as it comes. Quiet news is good news. ~rick

  9. Glad Deaglan is okay!
    I'm so happy that you were able to enjoy some vacation time. Those lazy days at home can be really refreshing.
    And amen to the toddler toys. I obvisously don't know from personal experience, but I've seen baby cousins and little brothers get more excited about the wrapping paper than what was in the box.
    Same with dog toys. Toby loves bottles and empty paper towel rolls (and not so empty toilet paper rolls, if I'm not careful)

  10. So glad you were low on the Triage Totem Pole. whew. Been there... wrangling a toddler can be almost as traumatic.

    I love staying home with no schedule or agenda. Naps are good.

    Grant is a big fan of the paper towel roll and of bubble wrap.

  11. Great thoughts. Glad to hear your little guy is healthy and that your family was able to rest. That is one regret that I have about my recent vacation, too much to do! But, I loved being with my family, some I had seen since last November. Devin and I are actually considering taking a weekend next week to rest. :)

  12. Glad Deaglan was ok. Reminded me of when we took our then-two year old son on a speedy trip to the hospital only to be relieved that he was only having a harmless allergic reaction. Nothing teaches us more about what it is to be like God than to be parents!



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