Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Someone call Mensa!

Winter has sent its messenger to let us know it will be along shortly. My morning routine has become slightly more taxing. When I returned to work in January, Deaglan was still more baby than toddler and quite cooperative. Getting his footgear, coat and accessories on weren’t challenging. However this has not been the case of late.

These days by the time I’ve finished tackling and pinning him down long enough to get him dressed and out the door, I am out of breath. He’s everywhere.

If he’s not running away from me, he’s running to the TV or stereo to bust out some moves. He can’t stop dancing. The other morning I asked Shaune to check the weather channel for that day’s forecast and walked in on Deaglan cutting a rug to the local forecast guitar solo.

He’s changed so much in the last few months. And like I said to my brother and his wife the other night – I know that it’s probably normal but it’s hard not to think that your child is a genius when he starts doing all of these neat new things. He breaks into songs like Bah, Bah Black Sheep out of the blue and he’s talking all the time in clear and distinct phrases. He is able to tell us when he wants to eat or drink or watch one of his Thomas the train videos.

At night when we have our reading time, he is able to differentiate each book either by reciting a key phrase or telling me its name. His attention span for sitting and listening to me read has increased tenfold. I can read all of Green Eggs and Ham without him losing interest for a second. Last night when I finished reading the longer version of The Tale of Peter Rabbit he took the book from me, opened to the pages where I had earlier asked for his participation (when Mr. MacGregor says kertschoo – I always ask Deaglan to sneeze and when Mr. MacGregor’s hoeing is described, I ask Deaglan to scritch and scratch) and again repeated the actions. Genius I tell you!

What an exciting time in a human’s life and I feel so privileged to witness it. It takes my breath away and reminds me how good, how really really good this parenting gig is.

Deaglan is pictured here with his Papa - my dad.


  1. First of all, I hear you on the tackle to get dressed thing. T Rex is very opinionated about what he wears. This morning we had a melt down because he could not wear his Halloween PJ top with his pants. It had breakfast on it, otherwise, I would have given in. But sometimes, I feel like a football player having to tackle this little one to get him dressed. And brushing teeth, I leave that to T Rex Dad!

    Secondly, wow! You son IS doing some amazing things. I am totally impressed. I bet it is just awesome seeing him learn these new things. Sounds like he might like to show off a bit too! That's always charming.

    This parenting thing is pretty sweet. How grateful I am to get to partake.

    Oh, and great photo with Papa.

  2. On Fridays I make dinner for my son and daughter-in-law, and I always read my little grandson Ben at least three bedtime stories. What a joy. (Sometimes he cons me into an extra book or two.) Enjoy this time with your son, it goes by so too fast.

  3. Love the photo with Papa. Absolutely wonderful. Deaglan is awesome! He is learning so much. What a dancing machine too! I'm so happy that you are enjoying all these sweet moments of parenting. They are the best!

  4. It is amazing witnessing the progress your child goes through! and it sounds like Deaglan is a very smart boy!

  5. Genius? YES, YES, YES...both parents and child!!! Love to you~Janine XO

  6. Those early years are really amazing because the changes happen so fast! Really cool stuff.

  7. I'd call mensa, but I can't find the number. Just kidding - hehe. He's adorable. Did you leave an anonymous comment on my blog recently? It was signed Kim but not linked to your account... mysterious!

  8. One of my favorite parts of watching my girls grow is the different stages they go through. It it a privilege and a sweet, beautiful journey to witness. You are such a lucky Mommy, but you know that!

  9. aw, this is fabulous! and so sweet!

    i saw my nieces this weekend and after riding the merry-go-round, the 2 year old exclaimed, "AWESOME"! it was hilarious, as she rarely says anything!

  10. Hi Kim. :) Yes, they do grow SO fast. It is hard to keep up with the quick and growing changes after a while. I am learning to cherish every moment that I can. I try to really freeze time and still moments in the wee hours of the morning. Blessings my friend. :)

  11. Oh, I dread the boots and coats and mittens and hats routine... I swear I could hibernate indoors very happily until spring to avoid it all.

    It's amazing all the new skills little ones acquire at this age, isn't it? I love that you're recording all these memories and your thoughts and feelings about them here.

  12. I remember the struggle for winter clothing (and the mess it makes to get them out if it.) That IS one of the few times I am glad to be in a SoCal climate!
    I love that D is bringing you his favorite pages and asking for a repeat performance. That is the kind of thing he will remember, cherish, and share with his own children someday.


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