Sunday, 10 January 2010

Progress report

My pregnancy's progressing pretty well. I'm almost 19 weeks and the nausea is gone (halleluja!).

Life is pretty normal except that every week I find myself scrounging for something different to wear to work. My maternity clothes from the last pregnancy have lost their appeal - most of them seem dingy and out of date and since I already feel that way, I don't need my outfits advertising it.

As I mentally prepare for the arrival of the new person, I waiver between a calm excitement and outright panic. On the one hand I think of how amazing it will be to be a family of four and have a tiny baby to snuggle again. However there is also the fearful part of me who wonders how I will be able to take care of two without letting one suffer. I know it's been done before and I know it's possible but still the fear of the unknown is not lost on me.

I was going to wait to potty train Deaglan until the last half of my maternity leave - we're so fortunate in Canada to get a full year off - but lately he's exhibiting signs that he might be ready now. Whereas he was having a BM every day, a few weeks ago this changed to every 3-4 days. In between he is at times doubled over in pain from gas. His diet hasn't changed - he's no champion vegetable eater but I manage to get some good grains and fruit into him daily and tons of water. He's showing other signs too, so this week we bought some underwear and have begun the training. Lots of fun as you may remember if you have kids.

This second pregnancy is so different for me than the first. The last one seemed magical with each new phase unfolding as I read about the wonders going on in my body each day. This time I feel an overwhelming need to make sure Deaglan is getting all of me as often as I can give it. I've read too that husbands are less interested in the technical aspects of the second pregnancy and that's certainly true for us. Although Shaune is concerned about my well being I can tell it's not as magical for him this time around either. Both of us are thinking about that first little while when you have no idea how to comfort the new baby, aren't getting any sleep and aren't sure if this is what you thought it would be.

I've had some great advice from friends with more than one child though and would welcome any tips from you veterans out there!


  1. my baby will be 40 in April. you love them, you make sure you teach them independence, you don't beat them when tempted, then they are 40. I like that you are thinking about it, and that you express your fears - one thing I have seen with Camillo's children. they seem to put all their attention into the baby/child then the new one arrives and the older one is 'set aside' specific attention time even if you have to get a baby sitter for a few hours a week. but time to hear them like you do now.

  2. I'm in the same boat as you - alternating between total excitement at baby #2 and total panic. Mostly excited. OR mostly panic. Depending on the day. Who am I kidding? Depending on the minute!

  3. I will pass along the advice starting in a couple weeks! But sounds like you're experiencing some of the same things I have. Round two has been a whole different ball game for us as well. We're trying to do the same - soak up as much alone time with our little one as possible. However, I think he is small enough that he won't remember being an only child for 2 years. We're just working on being flexible.

    And good luck on the potty training thing. We're doing great - there are still accidents and always they tend to occur at the most inopportune times but again, we just go with the flow. We are enjoying being diaper free for a few more days! I know it will all work out the way it needs to work out. And SO awesome you get a year off!

    Be well!

  4. I was pregnant five times, five times! I still can't believe it. Don't know how I did it. I can't believe I potty trained five toddlers either. It's a blur.

    Good luck, sound like everythings going fine.

  5. The part of pregnancy between morning sickness and the later lumbering stage is just the best, isn't it?

  6. I felt exactly the same way before my second daughter arrived. So excited but also the sense of panic and questions of how will I ever manage. I promise, you will. It's a new way of life but once it happens you won't be able to imagine what it was like to not be a family of four. You are in for wonderful adventure. Although take some time to relax now you'll need it ;)

  7. Hey Kim! Glad to hear you're doing well and feeling better these days! I obviously don't have any advice as I only have one... and will probably keep it that way.

    But I do know you. And I know you're a great mom and you'll do wonderful when the little one arrives in a few months... You and Shaune have more than enough love for two babies!

    No worries... it will all work out!

    Again... glad you're doing well!

  8. WOW - I've been gone so long. I didn't know you were expecting another little one! I'm a horrible bloggy friend!

    Anyhow, CONGRATULATIONS - even if I am a little late in telling you so. :)

  9. Kim, you'll do fine with the little one arrives. Remember to tell Deaglan that he is your right hand man when it comes to helping baby. He'll feel important and nurturing at the same time.

    It's an exciting and emotionally crazy time for you. Wait, I'm still emotionally crazy. I guess that part of pregnancy holds on to mommies. At least me:) Hugs!!!!!!

  10. Hi Hon, glad to hear your feeling better. You might want to try "Potty Helper" from L A Naturals. You can order it online from I use ALOT of L A Natural products in the wellness of my family. Take care. :)


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