Wednesday, 24 February 2010

The things Deaglan says

Keep your eyes open mommy to see a choo-choo train.

(Every morning and afternoon on our drive to and from daycare, we are on the lookout for trains, mighty-machines (big cranes or bulldozers), dogs, the Thames River, garbage trucks and school buses. I told him to keep his eyes open once and ever since he has told me to do the same)

Can I be a nude-dude please???

(Several months ago Shaune began calling Deaglan a nude-dude whenever the kid was running around naked. It has become somewhat of an event before and after bath-time, or anytime he has escaped our grasp without clothes on.)

I don't like/want mommy/daddy. I want daddy/mommy.

(This is usually said to the parent present who is doing the undesirable thing to him...changing his diaper, telling him T.V. time is over - it's my least favourite thing that he utters)

Mommy have you seen Dekwen?

(He often yells this out from wherever he's hiding when he doesn't think you are looking hard enough for him)

I see Mommy's penis.

(Too much information I know and he has only said this once. We were getting ready for an outing on one of the days I have Deaglan on my own and he said this when he saw me coming out of the shower. I gently explained to him the difference between mommies and daddies in this respect)

I love you too mommy/daddy.

(Possibly the sweetest words I've ever heard in my life)

Mommy you look beeootiful and have pretty earrings.

(Okay it could be a toss-up between this one and the last for my favourite)

I stole the picture from Shaune's foodblog. This granola was outstanding sprinkled on my cheerios everymorning.


  1. Gosh, he has an amazing vocabulary and talks a lot. He sounds like quite the character!

    I checked out Shaune's blog because I HAD to get that recipe for granola - I'll be making some of that soon!

    The other morning after a long night with both kids, T Rex came marching into the room. I was grumpy and ready for it to be a bad day. As he marched in he said in his sweet little musical voice, "Good Morning, Mama...Good Morning, Baby Sis-Ter". My heart was melted and it was a great day!

    I also love it when he says, "Mama snuggles" or during bath time, "Mama float?" (asking me to get into the tub with him. I love his little voice and how he puts words together - he needs to stop growing up because I'm trying to soak up all these sweet moments!

  2. The last two are the sorts of things that make you glad to have a kid. And the best part is, they keep saying things like that even as they are growing into men.

  3. It is very sweet how Deaglan makes observations and cute comments throughout out his day. He is a very affectionate and attentive little boy. I'll never get tired of "I love you's." Hope you're feeling great today Kim.

  4. how great to read this this morning.... your stories always bring back bitter-sweet memories for me.... my son (38 years ago - jeez) used to say - a fire fuck, a fire fuck.....In of course a loud excited voice no matter who was around.... If he thought I wasn't paying attention he'd take my face in both hands and pull my face down to his to look me right in the eye.... how full the heart feel then.

  5. So freaking cute! I can't wait till Fiona can speak in sentences!!

  6. Love it. He is so bright and loving. You and Shaune are doing an amazing job. Noah is in another phase of questioning about sex, reproduction, and things like that. I am realizing that those earlier questions where just the beginning. :)take care my friend


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