Friday, 19 February 2010

The things people say

I'm at that point in this pregnancy when people are not editing themselves before speaking to me. Something happens when people see a pregnant woman. All normal rules of social etiquette seem to fly out the window. It doesn't surprise me that grouchiness and pregnancy are sometimes associated.

I'm in pretty good spirits these days so I'm not letting comments like Are you sure you're not due now??? or You're already waddling! get to me. Give me a few months and add several more pounds and it will be a different story.

I'm 5'2" and have a short torso. There really is no place for a growing baby and all of my other organs to hide.

But waddle or no waddle, I look at this face to the right and realize I grow a damn fine specimen!


  1. And a Damn Fine Specimen he is...all the very best for the rest of the pregnancy and the birth. Thinking of you,

  2. Deaglan is growing up! He is getting that cute big boy face now :) I bet you're cute waddling around! I hate those so called concerned about your pregnant state comments. I agree that pregnant women are under the microscope often.

    How are the baby's kicks? Hope you're feeling well. Miss you!

  3. I bet you look great! Who cares what those people say... you do grow a beautiful baby!

    Hope all is well!

  4. I went through EXACTLY the same thing. Has anyone asked you if you're having twins yet? I got that a lot with my daughter, now two. I'm just like you - 5 foot 2 and a very short torso. Like you said, no where to go but outward. Just enjoy this wonderful time of baking your little one in the oven and screw people's unedited comments!

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  6. People don't think before they speak and I remember those comments when I was pregnant too. I bet you look beautiful and looking at Declan you are absolutely right...the baby your caring is sure to be just as adorable!!!

  7. People did that to me, too, because of my size. But I have always thought pregnancy is a gorgeous state.

  8. Yes you do. :) People tend to not think before they speak. Hang in there my friend. You new little one will be worth the irritation.

  9. I think it should just be a rule to not comment on a pregnant woman's looks - regardless of what she looks like. Full of hormones, I would get grumpy if I was told I looked too small or too big, ready to pop, or that I looked months away from delivery. No matter what someone said about my bump, it would usually make me grumpy.

    And, yes, you do grow gorgeous kids! Wishing you continued health the remainder of the pregnancy.


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