Monday, 19 April 2010

39 things I'm grateful for

1. I have a wonderful family and great friends.
2. I never worry about food, water or shelter.
3. I am a woman living in a peaceful country with the right to exercise choice and personal freedom.
4. My job is steady and provides us with security.
5. I am willing to become a better person everyday.
6. I know that I have flaws.
7. I know what most of them are.
8. My health.
9. Parenthood.
10. Good books.
11. Digital cameras, blogging and email.
12. My past.
13. Epidurals.
14. That Shaune likes to cook.
15. Springtime.
16. Deaglan's voice.
17. Thoughtfulness, kindness and open-mindedness.
18. Humour, good spiritedness, and generosity.
19. The second trimester.
20. Pecan pie.
21. Clearance racks.
22. Getting personal snail-mail (not bills).
23. Education.
24. A year of maternity leave.
25. Sleep.
26. Flat irons.
27. A clean house and fresh laundry.
28. Baby movements in my belly.
29. Midwifery.
30. Healthcare.
31. Income tax refunds.
32. That I will soon be mother of two.
33. The people at Deaglan's daycare.
34. Buying used whenever I can.
35. Shaune's love and thoughtfulness.
36. That I'm learning about childhood through Deaglan's eyes.
37. That these days I can spot happiness and am able to stop and savour it.

38. That pregnancy is a temporary state!
39. That I will turn 39 tomorrow and feel okay about it.


  1. tomorrow will be the first day of your 40th year. the 40s are a wonderful time for a woman. shedding of the wrappers imposed by our parents. a self awareness and assuredness (did I make up those words) still have a figure and good skin, no major health issues. and babies for you.... I had a 20 & 21 yold when I turned 40 - so your 40th thing to be thankful for.... the way the world now lets a women be who she is before being a mother.

  2. Kim, a wonderful list! I hope you have a beautiful birthday. You deserve all the best that the world has to offer. I especially liked your #17. Hope to talk to you very soon!!

  3. Happy Birthday! i love you list!

  4. Fabulous list and a very happy birthday to you!

  5. I am so sad I didn't visit sooner and wish you a happy birthday. By the way, you look beautiful in those photos as certainly do not look 39! Happy belated birthday!

    And awesome list - I'm with you on so many of those! I, too, love my little guy's voice - it's so melodic to me. I'm sure to others it's typical whinny toddler-speak but I love it!

    Enjoy those baby kicks - not too much longer now.

    And I hit two used kids' clothing stores today - wish you could have joined me!

  6. "There shall be eternal summer in the grateful heart"
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  7. Lovely post! Happy Birthday my friend. :)


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