Thursday, 16 September 2010

An apology to my friends

Dear friends with no children or friends with children who are old-enough-so-that-you-don't- remember-this-stage,

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry you decided to call me and had to deal with all that it has entailed lately:
  • The threatening of time-outs

  • The counting to three

  • The non-stop talk of pee and poop

  • The screaming

  • The crying

  • The thinking that I was talking to you when I was actually talking to Deaglan or Naveen

  • The non-stop talking about Deaglan or Naveen

  • That I act as if I am the first woman to ever have two children

  • The repeating of stories I might have already told you - I can't keep it straight these days who I've told that Deaglan is doing really well on the potty and who I haven't - I'm sure it was riveting the first time I told you!

  • That I forgot to ask you how you are doing

  • That when you asked if you should let me go - I said No I'm good

  • That I talk so fast and cut you off because I'm DESPERATE for some good adult conversation

Please understand and promise we'll still be friends. I should be back to my adult self in a few years. Also, if you want to save yourself the headache then email or text me. I gotta go, Naveen will wake up if I don't keep walking.



Here's a picture I took of myself with the pc cam. Clearly I am not ashamed to show you what my stay-at-home mommy self looks like these days. I've been going between the Snuggli (gifted to me from Erin), the Moby (gifted to me from my wonderful team at work) and this back pack (gifted to us from Shaune's cousin) to get things done around here.


  1. I know what you're talking about, Kim. We just got past that stage. With Jesse, soon to be 6, any conversation is good, being that he is AUTISTIC. With Mikayla, soon to be 4, she doesn't stop talking. Mikayla's big thing is asking you if you like something...

  2. I could forward this letter to everyone I know. I rarely talk on the phone, anymore.

    And I LOVE the photo! You look great, Kim. I'm glad to hear that you're able to get a few things done while wearing the baby! My Moby wrap was a lifesaver when Trevor was a colicky newborn!

  3. This sounds like something I should cut and paste onto my blog! I might have to take your inspiration and link back. Great idea!

    You were talking about reading things that totally hit home - this did that for me.

    I so wish we lived close by and could hang out - I know we'd get along fabulously.

    And great photo! You don't look sleep deprived at all.

    We're coming off 4 nights of no sleep. After playgroup last week, the kids came down with high fevers and throat lesions. The baby, who has never been sick and always sleeps through the night, did not sleep for 3 days straight. And she wouldn't eat. Fear of dehydration, I resorted to pumping and feeding her with a medicine dropper since her throat was so sore she would not suck on anything. Aaahhh....

    And school...only 4 quizzes and two assignments due on Sunday. And that's just for this week. What am I thinking?!?

  4. Nice! I need to forward this letter to all my friends too! ha! Love the photo!

  5. First of all, you're adorable. I wish I looked half as good as you :) I'm still fighting to keep my cool demeanor when the kids are acting up during my phone time. See why I'm such an email gal?

  6. I don't think I'll ever forget that stage!

    (What a beautiful photo of you!)

  7. we think we have friends and family then find that alone we must handle the worst moments. I think you are the coolest adult person that I know.

  8. Phone, who has time for that? Everytime I try to get on the phone, Noah thinks he is part of the conversation...


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