Tuesday, 14 September 2010

What they said

I love reading novels especially when it's clear that the author has been profoundly affected by parenthood. Skilled writers just know how to say things we all feel in a way that when we read something their characters say or feel, we are left with that feeling of ahhhh, I'm not the only one or yeah, I've been there. Jodi Picoult and Thrity Umrigar have touched me in this way.

Without sounding like a broken record again, I think I've said a few times that Naveen is not a talented sleeper yet. I'm exhausted most days. I thought that I could stomach trying the crying-it-out method but I was wrong. So we're back to co-sleeping which really isn't working. He can never sleep for longer than a forty minute stretch. Yada, yada, yada.

Despite this I'm constantly amazed at how motherhood gifts us with this special perspective. Even without a full hour of sleep most nights, I fall deeper and deeper in love with Naveen every day. With almost no effort I can elicit the most wonderful toothless grins. Grins that leave me smiling to myself like a fool, grins that warm me from my toes all the way up. And I'm not sure who I will ever convince to watch the reels of video I've taken this past week of him almost rolling over but to this mother, these small feats are glorious accomplishments.

Umrigar said through one of her characters about feeding her hungry child, it was as if you were being filled up yourself. I've felt this. On days when I can get a well balanced nutritious meal into Deaglan, it's as if I've been nourished myself. Those days are few with my picky eater.

And Picoult in one of her novels said that we spend much of our lives looking for our true loves in a partner only to realize that our real true loves are our children.

It's hard not to feel like I'm truly home when I look at my two boys.


  1. These babies are growing up too fast. Where is all the time going (and the sleep)? I guess we can sleep in 20 years, right? It will be an interesting perspective to look back and remember these years someday but for the moment, I'm in no hurry. It's going by all too fast.

    And I need to send you a comic that totally hit home - sometimes folks do hit the nail right on the head in the parenting world.

  2. My girls 6 and 3 now have never been great sleepers but I'm sure I'll be looking back and missing those snuiggles and not remember how tired I was. I agree on the writers with children. Although not much time to read lately...I've been trying to squeeze it in. That picture of Naveen is too cute. I just want to squeeze his cheeks and I love the hat!

  3. Kim, they truly are what our soul's home is all about. Hope you get some sleep soon.

  4. This is such a sweet post, Kim. Your little men are so adorable -- I know you must feel truly blessed. :)

  5. Hi Kim, check your facebook page. ;-)

  6. I love this post, Kim! Glad to hear that you're getting *a little* rest and falling more and more in love with Naveen every day!


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