Monday, 13 December 2010

Remind me Monday

It's deep freeze cold outside. Biting, blowing cold. I have a few minutes to myself and feel torn. There's a lot of housework to do but I don't want to do it. I'm sipping on hot chamomile and reclining in my favourite chair. I should be wrapping gifts while the kids are napping. But that would require effort. I'm enjoying the quiet. No one asking me
to play.
Or make them something to eat.
Or change their diaper.
Or hold them because they are teething.

I should call some people back.

But it's just a few minutes so I'm going to quiet that other voice. I'm telling it to take a hike because I don't want to clean

or fold
or wrap
or call. I just want to sit here.

Sip and Recline.

I want to keep these few moments for myself.

I'm joining my friend Ratz in Remind me Mondays.


  1. Whatever you need to do to retain your sanity. Sip and relax as much as you can.

  2. I think moments of self served with hot tea and rocking chair multiply our ability to do more cleaning, diaper changes, child games. don't feel quilty or torn two energy wasting emotions. just give to yourself freeling the care you give all others.

  3. really an eye opener for me.

    - Robson

  4. Love those moments of sip and recline. I treasure them. Great picture of Deaglan.

  5. I'm glad you took that moment for you. ;)


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