Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Terrible two's or not

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that there are many moments of deep sighing these days in dealing with the antics of the local toddler.

Yesterday I had to give Deaglan a time-out for opening a second gift from under the tree. He had already opened one, something I couldn't bring myself to get worked up about because, after all, he's only almost three.
But I explained, in detail, the process: how we wait until Christmas morning, after Santa has come to open the presents.
This boring explanation could not trump the heady buzz he must have felt opening that first gift and hitting the jackpot with a Thomas the train bath toy. So he went for it again while I was distracted in the kitchen.
And today we went to see Santa at the mall. Because Shaune and I get creeped out by mall santa's, we weren't planning on taking the kids unless they brought it up, but we were already at the mall, and there was no line-up and that new-parent bug took over. We even paid the eleven bucks for the five by seven print we could have photoshopped ourselves for a fraction of that price.

After we left the mall, Deaglan had a million questions:
  • When was he going to get his station (a three vehicle -police car, ambulance and firetruck - parking garage he fell in love with a few days ago)
  • Was Santa going to that store to get it?
  • When would Santa see his goats (I explained for the tenth time that they were reindeers)
  • Why couldn't he have his station now
And the fiction you find yourself weaving about the north pole and the elves is RIDICULOUS.

I know that they call this phase he's going through the terrible two's but I have to say, it's a lot of great stuff too.

The joy he gets from substituting every other word with poop, pee and stinky bum/feet/armpit - well it's hard to always remain neutral and discouraging. And the fact that he asks me all the time if I think he's funny, kills me. 

Last night before we started reading our last book at bedtime, he looked at me and said Mommy, I'm going to be funny now. And sure enough he was.

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  1. He sounds like the typical toddler - a force of nature.

    Don't forget to play the Santa card - Santa only comes if he's been a good or nice kid. And we have the phone number for the North Pole posted on the fridge in case we need to call to report a naughty little boy. It's been wonderful! I wonder if it will work in the new year?!?

  2. It's a good thing my kids were all cute 2 year-olds...or I might have given them to Santa. ;)

  3. My brother is not even 2 yet and already doing most of the things your little boy is doing (I think this should be reason for concern).

    It's so hard when they do something funny and you have to discipline at the same time. It's that struggle between keeping a straight face and laughing.

    Best of luck with keeping all the Xmas presents wrapped until Christmas! :)

  4. This is precious. What are you gonna do?

    I also read about Matthew. I don't know how you move on from that. Children and a husband must help - life goes on and sometimes doesn't wait for the tears to catch up.

    I'm thinking you're a brave woman. I'm thinking your husband is a good man - working - school- being dad - being yours. And I'm thinking the two of you have your hands full.

    God Bless

    Merry Christmas

    No peeking.

  5. Thank goodness they are cute, right?

    I often wish we'd focused less on Santa and more on the legend of St. Nick... it's a magical part of childhood, but you're right, I feel ridiculous lying to my kids!

  6. It's a good thing parents are hard-wired to love them so much. (With some horrifying exceptions, of course.)

  7. I don't get it how parents are so patient... and thanks Kim for letting me know about that Disqus thing. I guess it gets slow on certain browsers...

  8. Oh sounds like my Bear and him would get into a ton of "stuff" together! We keep all gifts under lock and key until the kids are asleep on Christmas eve, so not what was done in my house when I was little but, I know my Bear and what he would do!

  9. LOL, what you have described is in no way "Terrible Two's" it's just two's :)

    I wish my youngest was only doing that kind of stuff. :p

    Visiting from Red Dress Club

  10. I love how he said that he's going to be funny now. LOL. I'm creeped out by mall Santas too.

  11. Haha!!! "I'm going to funny now". Brilliant!

  12. It could be worse...he could be throwing himself down in the middle of the mall demanding that he get his toy now. That would be terrible. He's kinda mischievous and with that cute face and charming grin, I would have a hard time reprimanding him.


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