Monday, 21 February 2011

Does our camera add 10 pounds??

I took advantage of Shaune's break from school a few weeks ago when he was home during the day by getting back into walking. Alone. Hands free, oblivious and listening to music. My music, not Raffi or Anne Murray.

Michael Jackson is always in the mix. A carryover from my growing up, something that refuses to be relegated to my past. Seduces me into thinking I can dance. People watching would likely argue.  Reality and fantasy have a clear distinction; I have no moves to speak of. Possibly I did a few times after too much wine but probably only in my opinion.

Sort of like how you see your body right after you have children. Your mind's eye sees you the old way but if you get caught by the camera, the cold hard truth, the damages can't be denied.

Let me back up here. I know who I am. I've never been a showstopper when it comes to my looks but with some effort I can clean up okay. 

With each baby I gained 60 pounds (Deaglan) and 50 pounds (Naveen). I lost the weight easier when it was just Deaglan. I strapped him into the stroller everyday at naptime and walked for an hour and a half. With Naveen it's been slightly more problematic. (Read uncooperative toddler)

So I've had to focus on eating less. Literally zip my lips. It's not that I have a volatile relationship with food. Believe me, I have enough issues, they just don't centre around eating. However, nursing this time around gave me wicked cravings for sugar. Christmas did me in. I couldn't control my cookie intake. I walked around in a haze of sugar, butter and flour.

Once I stopped including oreos as the side dish for every meal, a few more pounds came off. I'm almost back to the pre-pregnancy weight, which though not my ideal state, I can live with for now.

My body is not the same. Of course it's not. I'm almost 40, I've had two kids, it's to be expected. But my perspective has changed. I've given up admiring and coveting  celebrity's bodies. Who needs that kind of self-inflicted torture? 

I want to be the right weight for a better more important reason than my reflection. I want to stick around to see that other phase of my life.

I've watched with delight how my inlaws drool over my babies. They love my children the way only grandparents can. No apologies, grinning like fools at every new evolution.   I want that someday. I want it to come full circle, want to see my boys become new parents, hear them talk excitedly about a new tooth, complain about not sleeping, ask me to babysit.

Giving up a few oreos is worth that.

Oh, if you live around here, and happened to see some idiot walking down Commissioner's randomly trying to do the moonwalk recently, it wasn't me.

The pictures of me (obviously excluding the preggo shot) were taken by Shaune yesterday. I had to change outfits three times and still this is the best he got. I looked at the pictures and sadly realized, I'm not as skinny as I thought I was.


  1. A. you look fabulous. B. It's hard to give up the oreos isn't it? And why do they have to make them double stuffed with goodness????

    Great reason to want to lose the weight! I have to do the same.

    Thanks for your sweet words about our dog, Guinness. Hearing everone's words of encouragement and sympathy is really helpful.

    I hope you're having a happy President's Day!

    Lots of yummy love,
    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

  2. Oh Kim, you look great. Remember, it took 9 months to gain the weight so it will take at least that amount of time to have it come off.

    But I bet doing the moon walk every day would help. If anything, it might make a few people laugh including yourself. And people who laugh tend to live longer, too!

  3. Honestly? I think you look beautiful. I hate that we women are so hard on ourselves, but I'm the same way.

  4. I think you climbed in my head and pulled this story out. Boy I was so "coy" after baby #1, back at the gym 2 weeks later, exercising, etc. It is just a whole new world when you have 2 - a toddler and a new baby. I think parents of 1 child don't fully get it like we do! ;)
    and girl you are an exotic beauty - rock it!

  5. First, you look fantastic.

    And I also agree that it is way harder to fit in exercise with a baby and a toddler. Nearly impossible, in fact. It took me several years, as I recall, to get back to semi-regular exercise. But I, too, want to be around for the grandkids.

  6. Love the pose of the first picture!~ you are really working that camera! You look as fabulous and beautiful as ever Kim!!-jp

  7. So, I have to comment again because I LOVE the Meet the Fockers quote you left on my blog! Hilarious. Sometimes I get caught up in the societal (yet developmentally inappropriate) pressure to make my kid as independent as possible as early as possible, rather than simply being a mother and giving her what she needs when she needs it. If we're happy, sleeping well, and loving each other more than ever, why should I care if we have a family sleeping arrangement that other people think is bizarre, or (the horror) that some people think my daughter will get "too attached" to me?!

    Anyway, thanks for your comment. I loved it!

  8. I think your motivations for looking the way you want are all right in line. I see only a strong Christian woman - strong will, strong features - and any further compliments I'll leave for your adoring husband :)

    I do know that I heart your words - that I can say :)

    God Bless you and all of yours.

  9. I love this post, for so many reasons...butter, sugar flour:) Seriously-you are right-our bodies aren't the same after having kids, and nursing them. I'm sad about this some times, but when I think of my reward for the body I now have (which isn't half bad) and that is having Amy in my life-it puts a better perspective on things.

    (If I only had photoshop though...)

    You look great, by the way!

  10. But, oreos are so good. SIGH.

  11. I think you are fabulous... I only recall Jamie Oliver's Life is too short to eat crap when I think of cutting down on my food...

  12. Oh My!! Kim, How often to you hear you are stunningly beautiful? Well ok, that's still not enough...:)

    You are stunningly beautiful. Yes, I talking about on the outside right now. Just Gorgeous. I'm gushing...and you deserve it Chica!!

    By the way, I sent you a Fb message about the spinning stuff. :)

  13. You, my dear, are absolutely gorgeous! Do you hear me?? G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S. I do, however, know what it's like to want to shed a few pounds. I think the prettier weather we've had lately will help motivate me. Afternoon jogs sounds more appealing now than they did when it was 19 degrees outside! Good luck, but I hope you realize that you are beautiful just as you are! :)

  14. You look fantastic, lady! You really do.

    But I hear you about wanting to be healthier. Especially for those sweet future grandbabies. I can't imagine a better reason for me to get off my own duff and start workin' out!

  15. You know that you're amazingly beautiful inside out, don't you? Because we all do!!


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