Friday, 15 April 2011

Ten: Part one

Ten more things about me

1. The remains of Judge, our dog, sit on a shelf in our closet – he was cremated almost four years ago.

2. I grind my teeth and should be wearing my night guard. And also, but possibly not related, I experience several moments of sheer terror every few days about the fact that I’m telling the internet my business on this case you were wondering. I get over it rather quickly though.

3. The song Bobbyjean by Bruce Springsteen makes me want to cry and I don’t even know why. I was in grade ten the first time I heard it.

4. When I get a compliment on something I’m wearing – I blurt out the price. Because I only shop clearance. And I’m usually pretty impressed with my bargain-hunting skills.

5. I’m most productive in the morning, in the springtime and when I have a deadline.

6. I can’t stand avoiding an issue. If something is upsetting, if I’ve hurt someone, if they’ve wronged me, I need to talk about it so it’s not bubbling inside me.

7. Our sponsored child’s name is Sabina and she lives in Bangladesh. I wish I could sponsor ten more kids.

8. I love kijiji, garage sales and flea markets. I feel certain that my days of buying new are almost over. Incidentally, I begged Shaune to stop at the side of the road last week and pick up a coffee table someone was throwing out. It’s now the footboard for our bed. My plan is to sand and paint it. I’m not sure how Shaune feels about it; he’s hit his shin on it every night since.

9. I read to my boys every single night. Even when I don’t want to. And I take a page from Dora and ask Deaglan what his favourite part of the day was. I’m pretty proud of this.

10. I say small prayers all throughout the day. It helps me stay conscious and present. And not related but just because I wanted to fit it in, I’ve been really grossed out by red meat lately. But likely related, I’ve been scheming of ways to stay healthier so I can be nimble and spry when my boys give me grandchildren. I’m an older mom you know.

Please come back for Ten:Part two on Sunday.



  1. Uncanny Kim! My list is so similar! The remains of our dog Maggie are still in a box-not yet unpacked after our move 4 years ago. Like you, I rarely buy new, I grind my teeth, I've salvaged stuff from the side of the road, I'm not a huge fan of red meat, I have a sponsor child in India and I also say small prayers throughout the day. Oh yes-and I'm also most productive in the morning.

    It's fun to see how much alike we are:)

  2. I love to salvage stuff. So much fun to find treasures!
    I grind my teeth at night too, but only when I'm super stressed out. I have a nightguard, but never wear it.

  3. It's fun reading facts about my bloggy pals. I haven't had red meat in two weeks. I just suddenly have this aversion to it. I'm weird like that.

  4. I can definitely relate to #6. Whenever my hubby and I have a disagreement I want to talk instantly and until it's thoroughly solved and he wants time to cool off before discussing things. I have to talk about it RIGHT NOW or my head will explode. At least that is what it feels like.

  5. I mainly only shop clearance too. I find awesome clothes deals at Target for 75% off.

  6. I've stolen that from Dora as well!

  7. We have a lot in common.

    First, we would have a great time shopping together since I cannot remember the last time I purchased something either regular priced or new. During the holidays we went to the mall and I was overwhelmed when there was a shirt I liked there in every size. I'm just not used to that. Usually, I have to be lucky to find something I like at the thrift store that actually fits.

    I, too, say small prayers constantly.

    And we never turn down our kids when they ask us to read.

    Oh, and it must be our personality type, but I grind my teeth horribly. But I do wear my night guard about 25 nights out of 30.

    Looking forward to the next 10.

  8. I need to be super nimble and spry to chase those kiddos too!

    Loved learning more about you.

    Reading to the kids is a must. I have to get back into that routine.

    I love that you say small prayers each day. I try to do it lately too.

    I'm also quick to tell everyone the price of anything too. I so rarely get myself something new. It's almost like I'm embarrassed that someone noticed.

    Can't wait for the next 10!

  9. Oh my goodness 4 is so me too!! I am training myself to stop doing it and just basque in the compliment. I can also am your 5 twin! haha

  10. #6 is absolutely true for me, too, although it sometimes makes people uncomfortable.

  11. I did the 'best part of your day' routine when my boys were little too...and that was long before Dora even existed. Maybe I could get some royalties, or something ;)

  12. I love this list and so many of those things I do too. I hear you on after a long day that I don't want to read but I always do :) Now that spring is hear I can't wait to do some tag sales and find those bargains! So nice getting to know more about you.

  13. Easter trees! I haven't seen those since I was a kid, and at that my family was the only one I knew who had one. I still have the lovely wooden eggs. Maybe I should set one up this year. How cool!


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