Monday, 9 May 2011

End of maternity leave - reflections

We passed two young girls this afternoon, as I pulled the boys in the wagon.

"Your baby dropped something!" Offered the younger one. I looked back at the path we'd travelled and saw the orange bubble-making wand I'd handed Naveen to distract him twenty minutes earlier.

I don't know how long it will last but these two sit really nicely while I pull them around the neighbourhood. And now I've jinxed it.

"Thanks!" I said, picking it up. Then shaking my head I laughed while shrugging my shoulders and exclaimed "Babies!"

"They're adorable but they can be pains in the butt." agreed the older girl, who looked to be the wise old age of ten.

"Isn't that the truth," I shot back and took up the wagon's handle again.
We exchanged the goopy mixture of mud and dried leaves that was in the sandbox for some clean stuff today. Also, Naveen's hat is Rocawear as in Jay-Z. We like to keep things gangsta around here.

"Mommy, can I have a popsicle?" asked Deaglan as we began to move.

"Yup, when we get back to our house." It didn't end there but I won't bore you with the five minute preschooler-to-Mom chat that had me answering questions such as Are we back home yet? and Why can't I have a popsicle right now? and After I have a popsicle will it be night time? and Why is that dog poop on the sidewalk?
Lately Deaglan's nurturing side is in glorious plain sight. He regularly carries around a doll or stuffed animal and tends to it the way I do to Naveen.

And when we did finally get back to the house, I handed Deaglan a purple popsicle as promised and set Naveen on the grass to play. After fishing at least a quarter cup of sand out of his mouth, I took the camera out and shot these pictures.

It won't be long now. These free and easy Monday afternoons with my boys will be a thing of the past.
Sadly, his nurturing side rarely extends to his brother. As soon as Naveen reached for the popsicle, Deaglan snatched it back.

In less than a month I'll be back to work. And I know I'll be wishing that my two pains in the butt were right beside me.

I'm joining in on the prompt Sand over at The Red Dress Club.


  1. Oh wow, I feel for you! I know there will be an initial adjustment phase which might be a little tough, but you'll get there. And thank goodness for weekends!

  2. YAY! All the best Kim. I am sure you will be able to pull off everything soundly.

  3. You could put together the cutest book of photographs of these two. You get such playful and interesting pictures of them individually and together :)

    Deaglan looks so cute with that monkey and his popsicle.

    You and your little guys are going to ride through this transition phase and keep smiling those big smiles together.

  4. Lots and lots of pictures on your desk, my sweet:)


    You are an amazing mom, and don't you ever forget it:)

  5. Where did the last year go? It feels like yesterday you were saying you were pregnant. Time goes so quickly. I don't know about you but it's felt even faster after #2 was born.

    How wonderful you were able to be home with the boys this past year. In no time, you'll be back in the swing of things at work.

    Great photos, too. Handsome little guys.

  6. So sweet! I love the photos. The end of my maternity leave was bittersweet, I missed my son but also longed to have some adult interaction. I hope the transition goes well for you!

  7. The pics are adorable! Your boys are so cute. You did an awesome job with this prompt! I love your conversation. "Why can't I have a popsicle now?" My favorite question lol

  8. The conversations with a preschooler? I get that... you did a great job with the dialogue in this piece, but also with the wistful part of saying goodbye.
    Thanks for stopping by No. 7! Your boys are adorable :)

  9. Time certainly does fly! I hope you thoroughly enjoy you next month!

  10. Those are great pics! I feel very sad for you having to go back to work, if you arent really wanting to. I hope its an easy transition!

    thanks for stopping by my blog!


  11. All the best with your return to work. I know it must feel bittersweet.

  12. Even when we love what we do at work, it is hard to leave our little guys behind. Cherish the time and be kind to yourself when you return to work.

  13. Ahhhhh, going back to work. Freedom in going, freedom in staying at home. Miss them, glad to have your own space. Bitter Sweet!!
    We love popcicles too!! Or "polickle" as we say here:)

  14. Yes, that's exactly the way it is, isn't it? Pains in the butt that we can't get enough of!

    I adored your photos, the conversation threaded throughout, the wisdom dispensed form the young girls.

    I loved your ending, and will send good thoughts for a smooth transition!

  15. I may be going back to work and I am dreading it!

    Your boys are so cute... keep, keeping it gangsta ;)

  16. beautiful pics! And wow, I feel for you. I remember so vividly the day that I went back to work when Principessa was 8 weeks old. Sending you hugs!

  17. Oh, I know the dread of going back to work so well. I went back for four months before becoming a WAHM. All I can say from my experience is that the dread was worse than actually going back.

    Good luck! And enjoy your time!

  18. I love those pictures! Such sweet boys! I remember going back and how hard it was. You will adjust and all of the memories of you lazy Monday's with your pains inthe butt will make you smile.

  19. Deagan is such a normal little boy, good for his mommy.

  20. Beautiful pictures!

  21. Fantastic pictures!

    I dreaded going back to work - even though I only work par time. There's just something so special and fun about being at home with my pains in the butt. :)

  22. Yes, it will be tough Kim to go back to work, but on the plus side, you will be so excited at the end of the day to see those squishable faces LOL. And those carefree Monday afternoons will now be carefree Saturday or Sunday afternoons..

  23. Great post. (Also, love the new look and the "whisper" comment)

    Blessings to you as you transition back to work. I remember it SO very well...

  24. I hated ending maternity leave.

    I recognize that sandbox cover - big green turtle? We had one of those.


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