Wednesday, 11 May 2011

I've tried plucking but it was a disaster

My aesthetician is a wizard with thread. I told you about her a few years ago. Her fingers work even while she’s busy talking on Skype to her relatives in Punjab India. I should know; just this morning she was discussing the weather with her brother and niece, while shaping my eyebrows.

I didn’t mind mostly.
I’m almost always happy with her work.

I mean there was that few months last year when her cousin from back home had to take over because she had hurt her back. A few of those times I wasn’t as happy with the shape of things. But I didn’t want to give my business to someone else. How could I? She needed my money more than ever is what I figured.

And even though her cousin lacked the bedside manner (chair-side?) Suk has, I still couldn’t bring myself to find another salon. Even though a few of those times, the Cousin called me prior to my appointment and asked me to pick her up a French Vanilla Cappuccino from Tim Hortons. She was busy and hadn’t had a chance to grab a coffee yet.

I have a hard time leaving people.

One time I broke it off with a hairdresser after several bad haircuts and had to stop going to that mall altogether for a full year. I felt as if I’d betrayed her. It was depressing to avoid the mall because it’s a great place to browse during lunch hour at work. Yet I didn’t want her to see my great new hair. She would have known straight away it wasn’t her work. One time I ran into her on the street and without even being provoked, slumping my shoulders, I blurted out that I’d been sick and work was hard and a very close family member had just graduated hair school and we as a family were now getting our hair done by her as a show of support.

I think she was saw right through my lies but was kind enough to let it go.

Who knows, maybe Suk will move back to India someday. And I can find someone new. Does this happen to you?

I'm pouring my heart out with Shell.


  1. First of all, my eyebrows need serious help!!!

    I tend to feel loyal even when I'm not thrilled with the service too. I had a disastrous hairstylist experience last year. I liked the place, but I didn't want to risk seeing that guy again. I wore a lot of ponytails during that month.

  2. I hate breaking up with my hairdresser.

    I did several months ago. At first, it was once by accident. My hairdresser couldn't fit me in so I went to someone else that day- in the same salon. And I fell in love. ;) Plus, she had a way of doing my hair that was faster and cheaper and looked better. So, I switched for good.

    And try not to look my old hairdresser in the eye when I go. LOL

  3. This has happened to me and once i got the courage to switch - I never looked back. My new hairdresser set goals for my hair (I never had that before!) and is thrilled to see both of us achieve those goals. And I must say, I love the way it looks!

    Plus, it is my (and your) hard earned money that I'm parting with - so I (you) should be happy with the end result, right?!

    I once changed my nail place because they only showed sci-fi movies on the television in the salon. I hate sci-fi movies. Now, I go someplace where I can watch Ellen DeGeneres. Much better. :)

    Don't worry be happy. Go with your gut and find a new eyebrow stylist/
    hairdresser/manicurist, etc.

    Great post! :)

  4. Oh yes. I broke up w/ my ob/gyn because I didn't like one of her partners. I've felt guilty ever since. And I kind of like her better than my current ob, but now I don't want to have to break up w/ him to go back to her...

  5. That happens to me all the time! I'm so glad I'm not alone!

  6. I've actually been trying to break off a friendship in town-someone who is way too needy. I try hard to avoid her, but she called not long ago-wondering what had happened to me, and I found myself telling so many lies. (I shudder to think how long my nose was by the time I hung up.) It's much easier than saying-"Gee, I don't like you any more-you get on my nerves and I don't have time for all of the emotional BS you are carrying right now." I can't hurt her feelings, is the thing.

    I just keep lying-like an old rug:)

  7. I'm the little coward who just goes somewhere else and doesn't say anything! Bad I know, I just hate the awkwardness of it all. When we were picking wedding photogs, I made my now husband call the ones we didn't want so I wouldn't have to deal with it!

    BTW, I get my eyebrows threaded too!

  8. So.
    My hairdresser is one of my best friends. I was a patient test dummy while she was in school- and she was doing a great job. Since then? Not so much. She doesn't listen, and I'm afraid to let her color it anymore. I keep making excuses about how it's just easier to do it quickly at home with a box, than to drive to her house and have her do it there. Really, I just don't want to look like Ronald McDonald. Again.
    I have to do something, but I just keep wimping out. Sigh.

  9. I so do NOT have this problem. I think it has to do with the fact that I have worked in retail/fast food industries for so long that I know how to be a "good customer" and I expect to be treated as such. If I don't get the service I expect, I have no issues taking my service elsewhere and letting the person know exactly WHY I did. You are much nicer than me.

  10. OH well. I think we all have had such an experience. But I don't remember the guilt. Or maybe.

  11. im familiar with those sorts of feeling and even if i was happy with the work i was getting done elsewhere, I would struggle with feeling ashamed of "breaking it off"!

  12. I am not faithful. To anyone but my husband of course! I see whoever is convenient for me - this applies to my eyebrows, my hair, my dentist! For those who have seen my hair this explains a lot - I'm sure.

    I suggest you just ignore Suk and find someone else...since I highly doubt she'll ever go back to India! If you've been there then you know what I'm talking about!!

  13. I am such a bad breaker-upper that I didn't get my hair cut for 9 months because I didn't want to go back to my old one and didn't want to lie when I saw her on the street. Did I mention she lives right across the street from me and her daughter comes over all the time to play with my daughter? *sigh*

    But the coffee thing? Would have sent me over the edge.

  14. I am WAY over loyal. Took me years to stop going to the hairdresser my Mom had taken me to when she was the one making those types of decisions for me!

  15. this sounds so familiar.... but if she normmaly does your eyebrows satisfactorily (is that spelled correctly? to lazy to look) she is worth her weight in gold.... don't worry about the talking while working thing.... do some dreaming of your own and just be beautiful. I am in a horrible place, I can't find someone to cut my thinning hair and my thickening brows to my satisfaction.... I hate that.

  16. I'm awful at this...I hate for people to be mad with me. I still gotta work on this big time!! I'm growing and am learning to speak up. This is because years ago I allowed an artist to make a drawing mistake that I noticed and did not point out, and I now have the crooked tattoo to prove it...:(

  17. I don't have a haridresser (My hair is just straight and in a ponytail, so I cut it myself) and can't imagine letting anyone rip hair of any sort out of me. But I did break up with my OB-GYN after she lectured me. I had really, really liked her but at that moment I felt like I could no longer be honest with her, and so I just didn't schedule. But yesterday I saw her while I was out walking and felt terribly guilty.


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