Sunday, 15 May 2011

Erin and Wes' wedding

An auspicious occassion did not fail.

The weather, the church and the golf club cooperated to make yesterday a beautiful success for my friends' wedding.

The church was ornate and spectacular with gorgeous stained glass windows and rich dark mahogany everywhere. Incidentally, Shaune's folks were married here almost 40 years ago!

I lived a charmed life for one day. My hair dresser pinned and curled my mane into an elegant up-do while Heather at the Mac counter applied some trickery to transform my face for the day.  

It didn't hurt that Erin chose a lovely chartreuse dress. She gifted us each with Swarovski chrystal earrings and a matching bracelet. And the fresh flower bouquets were delightfully fragrant and light to carry.

Thankfully the rain held off until after we were safely eating and drinking in the shelter of the reception hall. Erin was more breathtaking than usual, and her handsome husband made a dashing groom.

She was a vision in this white gown. And when she peeked her foot out, we were surprised with a pair of jewel encrusted Nine-West pumps the same colour as our dresses! Alas, I would have asked Shaune to take pictures of every detail, had I not been busy. And her necklace, also Swarovski, was nothing short of stunning.

The groom remained star-struck, in awe of his bride throughout the day. Handsome and sweet, he spent a good portion of the day hugging guests and expressing his gratitude.

We the bridesmaids giggled and groaned (high heels - enough said) our way through the day posing for pictures, enjoying a little champagne here and there, and scheming up new ways to bring the newly married couple together for a kiss.
The ceremony was mercifully short - my toes were numb by that point. If only pretty shoes were always comfortable.

Shaune the lonely date of a bridesmaid, small talked his way into new friendships until the early evening, while I giggled, groaned, posed, sipped and schemed. I also breathed a huge sigh of relief once my duties as MC came to an end!
A rare occassion for us to be out without the boys. Gramma was at home with them allowing me to relax and enjoy the day!


  1. Beautiful pictures, beautiful wedding...and a beautiful bridesmaid! You looked fabulous, Kim!

    I wish you had gotten pictures of the shoes - hers and yours! I would have loved to see them!

  2. Kim - you look beautiful in these pictures! The green is totally the perfect color for you and your makeup is smashing. Just perfect!

    Have a lovely Sunday my friend!

  3. Beautiful pics! I love the green of the dresses.

  4. Gorgeous photos - you look so beautiful. I could not pull off a dress nor the color like that.

    How did the MCing go?

  5. You look beautiful!!!! I'm so glad that you and Shaune had that quality couple time :) The bride is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing this joyful day with us through your terrific photos.

  6. That dress is actually really pretty for a bridesmaid dress! Lucky you!!

    Weddings are the best, so happy and it makes everything just perfectly lovely the whole day. Congrats to them!!

  7. You look absolutely stunning Kim!! Wow!!!

  8. What a lovely,lovely wedding! Everyone and everything just so beautiful.♥

  9. That's an unusually pretty bridesmaid's dress.

  10. You look stunning! That is your color. I'm glad you got a grown-up only day!

  11. No trickery was needed for your lovely face! Gorgeous....all of you!

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  13. Looks like a lovely time was had by all. I love that color on you...It nice to dress up and party without the kiddos sometimes. :)

  14. You look FAB! :) I like how you matched his tie to your dress - I would have done the same. ;)


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