Saturday, 23 July 2011

My religion

Can I get personal?

A few weeks ago I read something and it knocked my socks off. I've thought of little else since.

Well that's not true.

I've thought plenty about wanting to lose a few pounds. How nice it would be get all the laundry done. You know? Have a spotless laundry room even if it's for one single measly day. I've also spent a considerable amount of time contemplating chopping my hair off. The heat does me in every summer. Almost the whole time I was in university I had it short. I'm not sure, but I'll bet I've already broken some sort of Guiness record for wearing one hairstyle consecutively. Is a ponytail even considered a style the way I throw it up?

But this one line I read, in Anne Lamott's book has left me reeling. It's come at just the right time. My insides are lining up. Acceptance has seeped it's way across my landscape. Gratitude has been my daily hymn. I want to be more about love and less about ill-making. And just so we're on the same page, it's personal because I don't often want to burden you with my religiosity. It matters little to me what you believe. But I know what a thing it is for some people. Even some people very close to me.

So usually I just let it be all mine. My spiritual life keeps me going every day though. It's my engine. My fuel. The food I need. You get it, I'm sure. Without prayer I'd be a trainwreck. And it's not like I can quote scripture. It's not about that for me. Although I'm always in awe when people can. Knowledge of that sort always impresses me some. I don't go to church either. I've tried but it doesn't really fit me. Maybe I'll try again someday. Who knows?

No, this thing that has taken over me the last few years is nothing profound. It happens to most of us if we're lucky. We realize that life is short. We have a choice to live it happily or not. We can be attached to things and let them consume us. Or we can know this:

Only God is our home.

Take that with you. Don't let it scare you. Let it knock your socks off.

And speaking of holy, it doesn't get much more heavenly for me than watching this kid wobble around.


  1. Maasiyat Jaan:
    I tried to comment but apparently blogger is not in a cooperative mood today.....I found your post kinda funny not in a haha way but in a way that it is so very much how I am... I was raised southern missionary baptist and today I am muslim... talk about a change...but I am not the typical muslim.. I believe a lot like you... I don't believe you have to attend a building or do certain rituals at specific times simply because your parents taught you to.. religion and spirituality is about much more than those things... being a parrot is not religion... being closed minded and unwilling to learn or hear about another's beliefs is also not religion in my opinion... anyways I could go on all day long about this but I won't bore you... I just always do a little happy dance when I see someone else who is like me...

  2. I love the video - he really does look a lot like Deaglan. I love it when kids resemble each other. Mine don't look a thing alike. But they do love each other and that's important.

    My philosophy on religion is whatever or how ever you find your path to God, that is the way for you. Some need religion to guide them there, and others don't or choose not to. But it is our charge to find that path and follow it.

    That quote is pretty powerful. Thank you for sharing it. And as always, thank you for sharing your thoughts. I learn from you, Kim.

  3. So true. I was born and raised Catholic and have done the same with my boys. We don't attend church and I'm sure some people balk at the fact that I don't go and still consider myself Catholic. I, like you, believe that my prayers and beliefs don't have to be validated by my attendance at a church. Thanks for always being so brave to voice your opinions...they're so similar to mine that it's a little scary ;)

  4. I believe in God. Icould never understand religion and why it is important for so many people. God is just enough to accept everyone.

  5. What a beautiful thought for reflection, Kim. Thank you for sharing. I will remember that thought when I'm overwhelmed at times. There is much comfort there.

    Love the video too!

    Hugs, Kel

  6. Don't ever be afraid to say what's on you mind. That's what make us different and interesting. If everyone agreed with everything everyone else said there would be no discussion. Love the differencees in folks. Even if people don't like to talk about religiosity, it is always there. Just be who you are are the world be damned.

  7. Of course you can get personal - it's your place here. Only a troll would come here to argue with you about what you believe. And if gives you peace and comfort and strength, why would anyone even want to?

  8. You have a weeble wobble, yay! I love that quote so much!

  9. Attending church was part of my upbringing, but it never helped me feel spiritual in any way. I've since discovered God in the wonders of Amy, and reflective time spent in my garden.

    Great post Kim-very thought provoking and inspiring:)

  10. I loved this. And I needed it. You're a wise friend, and your words are beautiful- even when they come from another source and you are just sharing them with us. Thank you.

  11. Thanks for getting personal and provoking reflection...God is the way and that's what matters most. :)


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