Sunday, 24 July 2011

Our weekend in pictures

Last night when the wretched heat had eased slightly we drove to the beach. We weren't the only one's to think of it. The sand was littered with families.
One mother didn't see the sign that read: Please don't feed the birds. Our blanket was about six feet away from this scene and once she and her boys had run out of bread, the seagulls swooped in and stole Naveen's bunch of grapes. Every single one.
See what I mean about my ponytail? Also, this is my post partum bathing suit. When I first showed it to Shaune (without trying it on) he asked me if it was a cocktail dress. I love it because it hides all the trials and tribulations of birthing babies. And I don't have to avoid swimming situations.
We haven't been to the beach all that often in his short life, but Deaglan knows exactly what to do when we get there. Including refusing to cooperate when it's time to go.
Babies plus beach always equals someone holding them. Either Naveen was crying because of the foreign substances touching his skin or I was crying because he was eating said foreign substances. Lordy.
Lice found it's way to the daycares here in our city. For a few weeks now I've been including "hair" in our morning routine where I apply hairspray and gel to both boys' heads. My efforts were not rewarded. Deaglan was sent home with a mild case. I shampooed and de-loused twice and still the critters refused to move camp. Today Shaune took him and came back with this kid.

Swoon. I can't stop drinking him in. How did he get this handsome?
There's something divine about both of us loving two somebodies this much. 
I often say to Deaglan (and Naveen) How did I get so lucky to get two of the best boys in the whole wide world??

And Deaglan always says You sure are lucky Mommy!


  1. You are lucky with all those handsome guys around Kim!

    Loved the pictures :) You remind me that I have to get to the beach again soon, but I'll avoid the crazy bird feeding moms! LOL

  2. Beautiful pics! You need to stop being sooo critical of look absolutely amazing! Deaglan's haircut is adorable! He looks so grown up! I always look forward to your posts :)

  3. I love that swimsuit! I think it looks great on you. Glad you had fun at the beach--seagulls and all! I am missing a beach vacation this year.

  4. What a fun trip! I love the beach. Nice swimsuit :-)

  5. LOL at Shaune thinking the bathing suit was a cocktail dress!!
    I know exactly where your heart is LOVE LOVE LOVE my boys. :)

  6. Too cute! You sure are lucky! Those pictures are great!

  7. Thank you so much Kim for these wonderful, beautiful pictures! You and your precious family are amazing!!!

  8. Awesome pictures!! And you look gorgeous in that swimsuit!

  9. Yes, you are lucky indeed! Sorry the little buggers got a hold of him. :(

    I LOVE your swimsuit, you pretty girl!

  10. Those seagulls can be brutal! Before too long your boys will be playing together in the sand, happy as clams.

  11. Boo for the seagulls stealing your grapes! This is not cool!

    And OMG, you have a little looker on your hands, mama! Watch out!

  12. I actually LOVE your ponytail. When I try to do that with my hair it turns into a giant mess. Whereas yours falls so nicely!

    I think you are gorgeous, as is your whole family. These shots are all frame worthy!

  13. Wow, you guys sure know how to have a good time. I am excited about heading on vacation soon, playing, and resting...Deaglan's right, you are lucky. By the way, you and Shaune make beautiful babies. :)

  14. There's something divine about both of us loving two somebodies this much. 

    And that's it, isn't it? How perfect. How true. How wonderful to be reminded.


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