Saturday, 30 July 2011

Professional snacker

I took the camera to soccer this morning, to capture some shots of our little player, since next week is the last game. There will be a celebration with pizza after. For Deaglan this will be in keeping with the theme of his first year of organized sports.


Shaune works on Saturdays so it's just me lugging the kids out to the field. Which means I bring a ton of refreshments to occupy Naveen. There's very little shade. I bring water, milk, popsicles, strawberries, grapes, bananas, crackers, cheese, boiled eggs, and today, leftover hamburgers from last night's dinner.

I like to do my part.

Which was my theme today when I was giving Number 3 pep talks on the sidelines.

"Your team needs you, honey, why don't you get out there and help them?"

"Mommy, can I have some strawberries?"

"Yes, you can, right after you join Leah in goal. Look, she's all alone, she could use a team mate!"

"Mommy did you bring my Buzz Lightyear?"


Before kids, Shaune and I  decided one thing about parenting that doesn't make me cringe and want to go back in time and slap myself. We pinky swore that we wouldn't hound our kids about what they wanted to be when they grew up. We wanted them to know that they were already somebody and that was enough. Instead we'd try our best to guide them toward careers and interests that would allow them to lead happy and productive lives. 

No really.

I'm just as shocked as you are considering how long it took us to get our acts together and grow up. It must have been that one day we weren't hung over.

Anyway, I'm trying to keep that in mind on Saturdays at soccer. I'm doing my best to remember that Deaglan's three. It's his first year of sports. There's no danger of him letting us down; there are no professional athletes in our histories that we know of.

It's a good thing to remember when after snacktime your kid packs up and lets you know he's ready to go.

"But honey, we haven't played the game yet."

Hmmm, I wonder if David Beckham's mother ever faced these issues.

I think these pictures speak for themselves. I cropped alot of them because I didn't get permission from the other parents to include their little players. There's really nothing like watching three year olds on a soccer field.


  1. LOVE the shirt over the head, just too cutE!!!!!!!!

  2. Fantastic :-) There is nothing quite like a kid being a kid.

  3. Both of mine played soccer. Their first year was pretty much spent doing what yours did. The second year they were much more into it and actually "participated". However, there were parents on our team who YELLED at their 3 yr olds for not scoring. We didn't keep score. So yea I definitely agree with your way.

  4. Yep. Pretty much went through the exact same thing as you did with my 3 year old son, Buzz Lightyear and all. I love the picture of his shirt over his head. Pure Awesomeness.

  5. We have not had our first organized sports yet but when we do, I'll make sure I follow your lead and pack lots and lots of snacks.

    I love the photos - really great - especially the one with the shirt over his head.

    How's your time off?

  6. Kim-you look beautiful as always:) My favorite photo-and I love them all-is the one where all of the other kids are thundering down the field and Deaglan stands alone facing the opposite direction! I am still giggling over it! Your boy is gonna go far Kim-he is unique and that is something pretty special!

  7. It just seems so plain to me Kim – there are some who were meant to be soccer stars – and some who were meant to be just plain old SUPERSTARS – soccer or not. I know I've said this before – but your babies are so lucky to have you. God bless and keep you and all of yours Kim.

  8. The picture where his shirt is over his head is priceless!! I wish I had some encouraging words, but I know this will be me in a few years and I will have to come and ask you how it all turned out!

  9. I think probably every parent faces these issues! Watching children play sports really is adorable.

  10. My older son played one season when he was tiny. He mostly picked dandelions and scuffed up dirt clouds. He asked to never have to play again.

  11. I just laughed out loud at the picture with his shirt on his head. Too funny and cute!

    I try not to push Maya too much but when snack time seems to take over everything and is constantly the topic of discussion during ballet, park time, etc. it just drives me bananas. I feel your pain!

  12. Sports at this age is pure fun, pre-competition (at least is some of the children's minds). Awesome shots!! Love the new masthead too. They are too cute. :)

  13. Love it!!! Gillian tried soccer too but we only lasted the one year. Let's just's not her sport.

  14. Oh my gosh, this cracked me up!! The shirt over his head, the giving him a pep talk, the pictures. Great post!

  15. It's a fun, sweet, and stressful time with those early days of sports. All of the pictures made me smile. You look great, as always!

  16. this brought to mind two photos I have somewhere of babies playing soccer - little boy kicks the ball down the beach. daddy runs after it... brings it back, little boy kicks the ball down the beach....
    2nd - in the park little boy in flip-flops kicks the ball, runs after it, brings it back to a little stone in the pavement, kicks it again.....
    seems like 3yr olds have to short of an attention span to play organized sports.... maybe just play time him and the ball will make him love the game.


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