Thursday, 1 December 2011

Dangerously close to unhappy

I read somewhere that parents with children under the age of five are some of the unhappiest people in a population. This is one of those stats that can go either way for me. Tonight it teetered close to truth. Because I don’t know what I was thinking signing Deaglan up for skating lessons on a week night at 5:30 PM.

Picture this.

Me still in work clothes and heels, a bag stuffed with skates, helmet, and two happy meals slung over one shoulder, the camera over the other. A snotty faced Naveen squirming in my arms while I struggle to grip Deaglan’s hand as we bob and weave through an unlit, busy arena parking lot. When we get into the building it’s complete mayhem. There are families everywhere, the early-birds lucky enough to be lacing skates on kids who are sitting on the coveted benches, while latecomers like me stoop over a patch of floor, attempting to do the same and corral a runaway baby.

By this point I’m grouchy and overheated, irritated that Deaglan’s only focus is the happy meal toy. Naveen goes between running wild through the arena and demanding that I pick him up. When Shaune shows up, I’m overwhelmed with relief and the need to share my misery.

For the next forty-five minutes I cringe, recoil as my almost four year old with the help of a skating coach struggles to rise to his feet, on the ice for the first time, slipping down each time. I feel every fall, every thump. And when I don’t think I can watch anymore, convinced that in the next minute he will begin sobbing, beg to be taken to his parents, he starts getting the hang of it.

I watch as he takes tiny skatey steps, gets up without the help of the coach. And my mind changes. This isn’t so bad, I think. Maybe next week, since Shaune won't be able to come,  I’ll try to find a sitter for Naveen.

 Slipping and falling aside, you've never seen such adorable tiny skates and helmet.

This is the kind of shenanigans we're dealing with everyday since the tree went up.


  1. I bet he gets better fast!

    I can't for the life of me keep the ornaments on the tree. The twins are too fast!

  2. I love your new Christmas header! And he looks so cute on those teeny tiny skates! I hope it gets easier once you get into a routine.

  3. I can very much relate!! It is SO hard when they're does get easier (in some ways) when they get a bit older. You're a good mama for letting him experience this!

  4. He IS the cutest little skater ever! I would totally watch Naveen if you lived here. Of course there'd probably be no ice skating if you lived here...

  5. There is nothing cuter than itty- bitty ice skaters, especially when they have deadly hockey sticks.

    And at least your son isn't crazy, manically (sp?) barking at the Christmas Tree, which is the kind of shenanigans I've got going on....

  6. With Amy, I know a lot of those early learning experiences were a lot more painful for me to watch than for her to experience. (Except for the swimming lesson from hell with the she devil instructor-lol!)

    He will get the hang of it! He's your son, and I already know how amazing you are!

    P.S. they do outgrow the tree ornament fixation and un-decorating phase too;) Hugs:)

  7. I just had a total flash back to last year! 5:30 practice and me with the wild one in tow, sweating, trying to dress and lace things that I never knew how to do until dad showed up. I asked my Mother to come the next time to watch one so I could photograph the other.
    It isn't easy, and I am a little ashamed to say these activities make me dislike the non-working Moms even more. I am so jealous, but I know it isn't their fault. BTW-Be sure to keep your blood pressure checked. I had so many of the episodes you describe of the sweating and such trying to haul kids around and make it to work, etc. I have had to end up on meds, which I hate, but they have made me feel better.

  8. Yes crazy and hard but you are giving him great opportunities already. I hope he loves it

  9. Ice skating is so much fun. He will be happy later in life that he knows how :)

  10. it will all be worth it when he becomes the next Gretzky!

  11. Oh I think I've been there many times. Thank God my kids are cute ;)
    Isn't he just the cutest little ice-skater!
    Lovely Christmasy header! :)

  12. I am swooning over the cuteness of those itty bitty skates and the adorableness of the kiddo in the Ralphie costume with his feet laced up in said skates.

  13. Look at that little guy out there on the ice. That is just too sweet.

    We put our tree up on a table - that has helped quite a lot plus we put out many things for our toddler to get into which has been a distraction. However, it always seems something is in disarray. I just tell myself, they are only little once.

  14. The research I've seen shows that people's contentment drops when they have children and doesn't rise back up until the kids leave home. Still, we love them. :-)

  15. I have been struggling this week will all of the demands on my work and extended family life. I am so glad Noah didn't have any extracurricular activities. I surely would have blown a gasket. As always, I'm impressed with you. ;)


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