Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Am I the only one breathing a sigh of relief that it's over? That there's nary a hint of Christmas in our home? Not a sno-globe or candy cane in sight? Yesterday Shaune and I scrubbed it away, swore if we never heard another jingle bell it would be too soon.

Although there's a lot to do like build an addition on our house to accomodate the stockpile of new toys the kids received from their overly generous relatives, I've decided to sit down, watch the snow finally fall. There's been a lot of visiting and I don't know about you, but I take mine with plenty of breaks in between.

And while I don't like to focus on the material gifts received during the season, I can't help but tell you about the ones that touched me most. Like the toy vacuum cleaner Santa left for Naveen. Only during phases of sleep has he been without it. He walks around all day, holding it lovingly, chanting its name va-koooom.

There's also this drawing from Shaune's sister Katie of our little Naveen. Such a beautiful likeness of our Hoover-lover. She used one of the pictures in this set as her model.

Here's my winter mantle. The plate in the frame belonged to Matthew, just one of his everyday dinner plates. There wasn't much to take, very few memento-like things in the pile of his things in my parents' basement.

I've enjoyed looking at it, thinking about him.

And I'm itching to rearrange furniture, change up the curtains, get a new look. It happens every year around this time, when the rooms look suddenly emptier, cleaner. I see the possibilities again. I bought this beautiful vintage oval mirror (below) for $5 at a garage sale last summer.

And here's the drawing of Deaglan on the other side of the window. Sorry about the blurred photo. Katie did this one three years ago. That lady knows the way to my heart.

See the brass lamp below? I found two of them on the side of the road last year. Yup, garbage-picking. Only, Shaune didn't roll his eyes this time. He kind of liked them. Hello??? What's not to like - they were free! I'm just dying to spray paint them. Maybe the same blue as the dinner plate. What do you think?


  1. yes, I love getting rid of the Christmas tree ;-)

    Reid got a vacuum from Santa too, and he adores it.

    The drawings are wonderful!

    And I do love the simple blue plate on the wall :-)

  2. I love the drawings what a superior gift.
    On Christmas eve we had a dinner and a gift exchange, one non family member brought 7 coloring books for the 5 year old - SEVEN wrapped seperately - the little one was counting them... her mother and I wincing everytime - this is not the right lesson being taught. Oh and she bought one wrapped gift for the 11 year old. Jesus. I think I will suggest next time that the girls hand the gift they give to the adult and the adult hands them 1 (one) in return - a true gift exchange with hugs / kisses and thank yous given all the way around.

  3. I love the vacuum! Trainin' em early. His wife will love you some day for it lol and the drawings are beautiful. There is absolutely nothing wrong with getting "free" stuff. I've had a table or lamp or tv or chair free before as well.

  4. Hi Kim,

    My kids always loved those toy vacuums. I'm tripping over way too many toys over here. And Santa has to go back up to the attic soon too for my sanity! Love the everyday plate of Matt's on display. Very nice. The portraits of the boys are great!

    Hope you are well my friend :) I miss you. Love Kel

  5. Lovely decor Kim!! You have such a great eye for simple beauty. The drawings are superb, she is such a talent. :) I actually have decided to leave up my holiday stuff for a little extra time. Because of our busy schedules, I decorated the week before Christmas. I sort of want it to linger a while. Christmas was simple for us. Lots of books and a few games for Noah. He's getting older, so toys are not high on his list anymore. We will be spending the next day cleaning out his room, making more room for the vast collection of books he has. I agree with you, I get the urge to "refresh" and purge right around the New Year. Happy Holidays my friend!! :)

  6. Hey Kim, I have a special place in my heart for a fellow garbage picker! I've found some amazing stuff too-and those lamps are gorgeous!

    I'm like you, I'm ready to scrub Christmas away and start fresh. I was sick the whole week before this year too, so Christmas was not very relaxing.

    Those drawings of your beautiful boys are wonderful! Shaune's sister is truly gifted:) And the plate is so touching, KIm:) I'm glad you have it as a memento of your beloved brother:) Hugs:)

    Happy New Year, my friend!

  7. Those drawing of the boys are truly priceless and I do like the memento of your brother.

    We de-Christmasfied on the 26th - before Christmas all the decor seems cozy. After Christmas it seems like clutter.

  8. Those drawings are amazing! I would consider it a magical Christmas if Santa would have brought my son a real vacuum that he could use so that I wouldn't have to.

  9. my heart smiled at the picture of Naveen with the vacuum. If only they retained their love of cleaning equipment forever. Love the drawings and the lamps. Happy New Year!

  10. Mine is still up, I'm not quite ready to let go. Maybe this weekend.

  11. Precious! It is so fun when they really love something. :)
    Those sketches are wonderful!
    I am LOVING your brother's plate in that frame. What a wonderful idea. I think the lamp would be lovely that colour, too! ;)

  12. Jillian loves cleaning alongside me. She gets a kick out of the play vacuum too. You have such a wonderful eye for decorating, Kim. Please come help me at my house someday!!!


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