Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Fashion blogs to my rescue

I think about my wardrobe a lot. I mean all the time.

Truth is, Monday comes in a hurry and it’s no small task coming up with five outfits for the work week. Five ensembles that make me feel good.
And thin.
Oh and confident
But comfortable too.
Modest, stylish, age-appropriate yet current.

Let me tell you, for me, this is a job in itself.

From the looks of my closet and jam-packed drawers you might think there shouldn’t be a problem. Shaune is of this mind set. He wears a shirt and tie to work every day in the winter and a golf shirt the company provides in the summer. Each morning he chooses from six or seven dress shirts, a dozen or so ties, and always pairs them with black pants. He then slips into his black loafers, company jacket and off he goes.

It’s just not that simple for me.

For one, I like clothes; I like them a lot. Finding an affordable dress in a flattering cut can improve my mood for an entire day. A new scarf gets me downright giddy. And also, I’m not evolved enough in social situations to feel wonderful on the inside even when I’m not happy with how I look on the outside. Don’t get me wrong, at home with the kids, sweats and a tee shirt suit me just fine. I’ve had some of my favourite  compliments on my lounge-wear.

But at work, the dress code is semi-casual. And although people have taken this to the outermost edges of its definition, sometimes to frightening places, I mostly wear dresses, skirts or pants, cardigans and blouses, heels or boots and always earrings, bangles and scarves should they be called for.

Lately though, I started feeling tapped out, wearing the same few items in very mainstream ways. Shopping for new stuff was the only way I could think to add depth to my get-ups but since daycare and before and after school programs are leaving us virtually penniless each month, I turned to the internet.

And it delivered.

I discovered the world of fashion blogs. Did you know there are stylish, savvy young women just giving away this information for free on their blogs? Talking about colour wheels and scarf tying? Posting daily pictures of what they’re wearing, shopping tips and how to take advantage of thrift stores?

Oh glorious day. I finally have a stylist!

But be warned my friends, most of these women are childless and thin. Most have not witnessed first-hand the ruins birthing babies can leave behind. Don't get caught up in Oh I'm not gonna look like that in those pants. Because I'll be honest, I did search for a 40ish, slightly chubby, short Bengali woman offering fashion tips but to my great disappointment came up empty.

Here are a few of my favourite sites.

Wendy's Lookbook - this enviously thin, beautiful woman also created several tutorials on youtube. I just love this one circulating on Pinterest.

Kendie everyday - I found Kendie's blog first. I love her taste and she shops in places even I could afford. And hooray, she also incorporates thrifted items into her outfits.

Good life for less - this lady offers great colour matching advice and I don't mean matchy-matchy.

Feathers and freckles - I am stunned (and inspired) by the amazing pieces this woman finds in thriftstores!

M loves M - I want to hate Mara because she's tall, gorgeous and put together, but I can't help but find her adorable.

9to5 chic - This woman's wardrobe is completely out of my price range but to-die-for nonetheless.


  1. All of my clothes are out of style - I really haven't shopped since I quit my job when I had the twins. Most of the time I wear running clothes; it's kind of embarrassing. I'd love a pair of new jeans.

    I bet if I ran into you and saw you in your everyday wear, I'd think you were totally cute and fashion conscious. :-)

  2. Kim, Thanks for the blog comments and encouragement. You made me smile, a lot!!

    It's great you found some spots for fashion/inspiration. The internet is such an amazing space. You can pretty much find just about everything. Have fun shopping and experimenting!! :)

  3. I think you are already cute Kim:) Just from the pictures I've seen of you, I think you have a great sense of style! Thanks for the fashion blog links-I visited several and am drooling over the clothes already:)

  4. I can't even look at fashion blogs--they overwhelm me because I'm so bad at putting outfits together, I hate spending money on clothes and I don't have a ton of time to shop. So I keep wearing my yoga pants. I'm like you--my closet and drawers are overflowing but I find I have nothing to wear.

  5. I just pinned a scarf onto my pinterest board that I think you'll enjoy...made out of t-shirts and no-sew!

  6. Yea, it does feel good to dress nice and go out- but I don't do it nearly enough. The thing I am horrible about and just rarely do is accsessiorising. I just have no clue what to do

  7. I hear ya sister! I have a few that I follow, too, and I am always amazed at what they find. If I go to the thrift stores here, I just simply do not have the "vision" which is required to sift through and "make" an outfit. I tend to grab basics, there, though - like those bigger sized pants that really fit, but that I am not yet admitting are my real size - yeah, I won't allow myself to buy expensive pants at this weight. Wonder how long I can continue to rotate these 3 pairs????

  8. I'm not ready! I dread (quack with fear actually) at the thought of returning to work and having to dress like a proper human being. I used to love clothes and putting together outfits, but now my toddler ruins everything nice I put on. So I stick to sweatpants and tees. Do you get that show What Not to Wear in CAN? I am thinking I am going to need Stacy and Clinton's help to get back into fashionable shape.

  9. Here's my secret to easy morning work-dressing...I wear 99% black. Sure it might look like I'm wearing the same thing every day but really, it always works!

    And for inspiration I check out Her clothing and style is just gorgeous.

    I'm off to check out some of your links!

  10. I went through a "What Not to Wear" stage before I ditched cable. It really did help change the way I think about clothing. I'm guessing the blogs do the same thing - alter the way you see possibilities.

  11. Loungewear queen here! I love that you found these fashion blogs. I need a stylist too. I can't wait to check them out. Thanks!!

  12. Hey, thanks so much for including me in this list! I'm so flattered!

    I thrift A LOT, and it's so rewarding. Cheap, therapuetic and fun... my kinda shopping :)

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