Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Unexpectedly acceptable

Some post ideas have been rattling around my brain these last few days but when I finally steal a few minutes out of my evening to try and write one of them down, nothing flows. I create just the right atmosphere too. The kids are (thankfully) glued to the TV after running wild through the house, high on the aftermath of carving pumpkins and scarfing down mini chocolate bars meant for tomorrow night’s trick-or-treaters.

I have a glass of wine within reach and my comfy pants on.

I want to tell you how even when I am perfectly willing to write today off as rotten, it keeps showing me up.

This morning, though windy cold and black, my bones aching to sleep away the entire day, I notice little things that make it seem not so bad. Like how before he leaves the house at ten after six, Shaune assembles half of Deaglan’s lunch for school so that all I have to do is add fruit and cookies. He brews fresh coffee, gives me half of his vegetable omelette and apologizes for having to leave so early.

And then when I ask the kids to follow me upstairs so I can take a shower, they trail along without resistance and play quietly on my bed. At one point when I peek in on them, I notice Deaglan has Naveen pulled in close beside him, his arm around his shoulders while they watch cartoons. 

There are other things too, things I'd like to put just the right words around. Like how Naveen is full of language and ideas and strong, strong opinions about everything. At least a dozen times every day, I scoop him into my arms, cover him up with kisses. He is just perfect. I love two year old people!

I'd tell you too about the love affair I'm having with Netflix lately. How I can't get enough of Mad Men this week but before that it was Damages.  And Luther only a few weeks before that.

But it's rare to have such an unexpectedly acceptable day so I’ll just leave it for now. We took these pictures tonight.


  1. I think it really is those little good things that add up every day to make it a better day than we realized.

  2. Sounds like lots of good things to start your morning off right. My hubby is similar - tries to get things lined up for me in the morning so I have less chores. It is nice.

  3. Shaune is a master pumpkin carver! I am impressed. I love easy mornings. I want one tomorrow.

  4. It is always those little things isn't it. Fresh coffee in the morning and hugs between brothers. I love everything about this post - and those pumpkins are awesome.

  5. Love the pumpkins, and the boys are so cute!

    And now that you mentioned it - I randomly want a glass of wine, LOL

  6. Sometimes (most of the time) it's those little things that truly make us happy.

    I loved "I have a glass of wine within reach and my comfy pants on" as the definition of the perfect atmosphere for writing.

  7. Oh Kim, your pumpkins and little people are perfect. So glad you are finding the wonderful buried in the rotten...that's what it's all about, yes?
    P.S. I love 2 year old "people" too :)

  8. Oh, what a blessing of a morning!! Love the family shots. ;)

  9. What a talented bunch of pumpkin carvers!

    Great way to start off the morning.


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