Sunday, 4 November 2012

The price of my sanity

This morning at (the new) 5:30 Deaglan sprang awake exclaiming he was starving. A few minutes later Naveen wailed from his bed that he wanted “someping to weat Mama!” For Deaglan I whipped up a two egg omelette with chopped ham and for Naveen a raisin bagel; a cup of apple juice for both.

Ten minutes after they’d eaten, only two sips into my coffee, Deaglan asked if he could have a treat – aka Halloween candy.  “No, have a banana or apple.” I said and explained for the millionth time how bad sugary junk was for his teeth and body. And reluctantly, with a four year-old version of a scowl, he took my advice and grabbed fruit for both himself and his brother.  Two minutes after they’d eaten a banana each, they wanted me to peel them an orange.

Twenty minutes later Deaglan asked if he could have a treat since he’d now eaten something healthy. I refused and poured them both a glass of milk and handed them each a Toy Story chewable vitamin.

Five seconds later, Deaglan said he was hungry.

At this point I may have lost my patience (and mind) and asked him in a yelly (not calm) voice if he thought I was his (frickin) personal servant. Unfazed he insisted that he couldn’t help it if he was hungry. Still hysterical I told him he’d have to eat something bready – when it comes to not eating carbs this kid has the discipline of a monk. I made him half a raisin bagel sprinkled with cinnamon-sugar after he’d warned me that he’d only eat one piece so I shouldn’t even bother toasting both parts. Naturally, after he finished it, he wanted the other half.

I had no words.  

In the name of self-preservation, I walked to the kitchen counter where their trick-or-treat baskets sat out of reach, unwrapped a lollipop and mini bag of M & M’s, let them know it was at the kitchen table and told them not to speak to me again. Ever.

It wasn't even (the new) 10 am.


  1. Killing myself laughing...not at you, but only because that could have been a scene at my house about fifteen years ago! Thanks for the morning chuckle and hope your day gets better!

  2. Eventually, they get to the point where they can get their own food, thank goodness. Now my son will sometimes fix himself some ramen while I'm cooking dinner. He always assures me that he will still have plenty of room for dinner, and he always does.

  3. Yesterday both kids were simultaneously asking for things. I asked them both how many mommies they saw. They looked puzzled. I asked again. They both said, "Just one." My response, "Okay, how do I do two things at once?" They then took turns.

    Sounds like your boys are going through growth spurts.

  4. Hi Kim

    Wow the boys have gotten so big. I'm sorry for not being around much the last few months. It's been a rough and busy time. I've vowed to start reading blogs again and visiting people and come out of my self imposed hermititis so I just wanted to pop by and say hi and hopefully I'll be around more. Hope you and your family are doing well.

    Take care
    Alyssa (aka Maasiyat)

  5. Hahahaha...oh Kim. I have totally given up with the Halloween candy. My littlest ate candy Friday morning BEFORE breakfast as I was in a mad rush trying to get the others to school on time. Small price for our sanity ;)
    P.S. I never hated DST before I had kids.

  6. This was only our first Halloween with candy and I gave in by day 1. My three year old's will was stronger than mine. We've been on DST for over a week now, and I'm still hating every minute of it.

  7. LOL, we are so totally right in the thick of the Halloween candy battle here too. I feel your pain.

  8. You know what I did about the Halloween candy which helped big time? (because all my kids do after halloween is beg for it 24-7 until I completely lose my shit)They pick out their favourites and put it into a smallish container (that holds probably 20ish pieces) and the rest gets given away (or hidden for 'emergency purposes). I replace the 'given' candy with a small toy from the 'Halloween Fairy' that they wake up to the next day. I allowed them basically to gorge themselves and told them once it's gone it's gone! (it's gone except that my eldest - who's also 4 - saved a special sucker). Done and done. So far so good.

  9. That sounds like breakfast and dinner at my house right down to the "do you think I am your freakin servant!" I just lose it because she is a bottomless pit and I have no idea where it goes and a small part of me is jealous that she can eat like a farmer's horse and be so skinny.

  10. Ha, if it were me, I would've gone ahead and eaten their candy! Just kidding. Maybe.

    But so easy to get frustrated. Oh how I know.

  11. I absolutely LOVE your writing...hahaha...

    Um, how cute are they holding hands? Seriously, adorns!!


  12. I'm serving here all the time. Kelly's Diner! Love those pics. The hand in hand one is so beautiful.


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